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Truth or Bullshit?

IMG_20180726_191337OK, I must admit the name of this company Bullshit London got me interested and I quickly signed up for one of their totally inaccurate and inappropriate walking tours.

The tour I opted for was the short city tour along the South Bank.

IMG_20180726_203135It was a bright sunny early evening and we started outside on the steps St Pauls cathedral and our guide dressed in a sparkling red jacket was ready and waiting to start his display of unusual and unbelievable facts or what we call fiction?

The tour itself lasted about 60 minutes, and we passed alot of different sights and buildings. What I would say is that all the facts of the buildings are true. However the stories behind them, is left to the imagination. I mean believe what you may, but maybe the fact the College of Arms was form to study the dismembered arm parts floating down the Thames? I think not!

IMG_20180726_200554Even though these so called facts are total Bullshit, I really enjoyed the tour, I think the guide himself was amazing.  He had a great belief in what he had to say and even though we were part of a big group, there was no issues of not being able to hear as he projection was loud and clear!

The group itself may have now finished for the summer, but I am sure they will be back soon, do look out for them.

Disclaimer *please note this was a sponsored experience courtesy of Lovepopupslondon however all reviews are my own and at £8.00 for the tour, it was totally worth it and I would be happy to pay this out of my own pocket! IMG_20180726_1.jpg


Fun · Going out · Things to do

Ghost tour- Lantern Ghost Tour

Photo from website

Once in a while, Friday 13th comes around and what better way to spend it than on a Lantern Ghost Tour.

The tour itself met at 7:30pm at the Bunches of Grapes in London Bridge, however, me and my friend managed to miss the meet up, luckily they were only 5 minutes away so we were able to catch up.

IMG_20180713_200217Our Guide took us on a 90 minutes tour around London Bridge and the spooky tales surrounding the area. We stopped off around 10 different places and our guide gave us a little insight of each of the individual places.IMG_20180713_201153

I won’t give too many of the facts and places away as then you won’t enjoy finding out the facts of each and every places. All I can tell you is that paranormal activities have been sighted at all the sights.. Each of them hold a different heart aching story.

IMG_20180713_201400Two of the places which was most memorable to me was Clink prison and story of the usage of rats as a means of torture and Cross Bones Gardens.

IMG_20180713_203855Cross Bones Gardens was one place which drove me to tears. The story behind this place as an unofficial cemetery  of the women on the streets in London. It has been known that there could be more than ten thousand bodies buried here. A final resting place of those who couldn’t afford a religious burial and those with no families. Outside the garden you will find ribbons tied by those who remembered these lost souls. If you are nearby please come and visit, have a read some, also once in a while the garden is open to the public to come and visit, and if you are touched by the stories you hear and wish to volunteer to help keep the gardens a peaceful place then please contact the group at I am sure they would be grateful for any willing volunteers.

IMG_20180713_204238Unfortunately the heavens opened during our tour and I felt our guide felt a little rush to complete the tour as even I was looking for a hiding place to find shelter.

Regardless, this is a fun way to find out more about the story and spooky past of London.

Thank to Love Pop Up London for the experience, while a sponsored post, all reviews are my own.

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