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Ball pit party? Yes please Two Ruba [INVITE]

It’s never ever a bad idea to bring a whole brunch of friends to a bar in London bridge with drinks on flow and access to a 20 man/ woman (let’s make sure we include everyone here) ball pit with over 20,000 balls… hallelujah!

So when Love Pop Ups London invited me with a brunch of the members from the community to a ball pit party I couldn’t really say no! I mean they didn’t even have to say flamingos and I was already ready to jump in.

So, bar Two Ruba is located inside the Hilton hotel with great views of the Thames…I mean what better way to enjoy London?

So while they have great cocktails with the most comfiest sofas to relax on, if you are looking for a place to arrange a group party, Two Ruba is happy to cater for all and if drinking is so last season then how about your own reservation at their private ball pit.

The ball pit is open to both adults and children however each reservation is private hire only, for more info click here

Did you know that Two Ruba, also have a ripple cocktail machine, what is that you might ask? Well it’s a selection of foam cocktails which they can help you impressed your special guest with a picture of their or yours face on the how’s that for impressive?

The venue can cater for small groups or your annual Christmas party..sorry ..I know it’s early but you gotta start planning if you want the best venue around!

With the private hire you can hire the bar and the ball pit together or separately, they also have a great selection of canapes to keep the hunger at bay..some of the canapes available include.

Crab on tortilla chips


Chicken sliders

Jackfruit sliders (veggie)

Italian anti pasti board

Vegetarian board, with hummus and olives

Lemon cheesecake

Fruit skewers

For group bookings each canapes are charged per person, they can cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements, they do ask you to let them know at least 48 hours before your booking to ensure they can make the necessary arrangements.

So whatever you are looking for I think Two Ruba can sure keep you and your party smiling all night long!

It was a great night with friends new and old, thanks again to Love Pop Ups London and Two Ruba for the invite, I can safely say that myself and our community really enjoyed our night out and we are definitely planning on our next visit!

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[INVITE] The revival of the game- Players Bingo!

So, are you one of those people who is down by the bingo halls every Saturday, trying your luck on a winning streak, or are you like me, who have never been introduced to the game before, because I admit, I always thought it was a pastime my grandma would of spent her Saturday afternoon at… please don’t hate me 😣.

So when I was kindly invited with a group of @LovePopUpsLondon bloggers to attend a launch event at Players Bingo down in Camden, I was definitely intrigued, why the sudden change of heart you wonder?

Well let’s says there’s been a lot of non traditional style games popping up all around London and I have truly been enlighten that Bingo is the way to go. I have recently heard of #musical Bingo? That’s definitely next on my list.

Players Bingo is hosted within the long standing Mecca bingo site in the heart of Camden. Bookings are available every Thursday and Saturday from 7:00pm. Tickets cost £12 each and over 18’s only- they will check!

Players Bingo is no any ordinary bingo experience, they have cleverly introduce live music, cabaret entertainment, all hosted in the traditional feeling of a bingo …a true mix of new and old perfectly complimentary.

For me a newbie to the game, I wanted to know more, the host was both engaging and funny with what I must admit the most sparkly outfit ever!

I was introduced to both the traditional numbers being called out from dear #brenda who I might add is the well as an electronic game..

Which I never expected, but hey I didn’t know what to expect, so everything was new and fascinating to me…also, the prizes was very unexpected, I mean there was a fridge freezer, a drone, and wait for it, a two person canoe…yes you heard right!

Before the start of the game, we enjoyed some cocktails which they have designed for the game, all bingo related I might add…all very yummy.

Every month, Players Bingo will be welcoming different food pop up restaurant to provide a selection of finger food available to satisfy hunger players during the game.

During the evening, while the food selection was good, unfortunately, service needed a little more refinery. Maybe as there was a lot of people invited to the launch party, cause food was being delivered at different pace and unfortunately half our party was served while the other waited over an hour before service.

This was mentioned to the organisers and while I appreciate it was their second week, better coordination would have definitely made my experience more memorable..

While there was a little hiccup in relation to the service from the waitresses that night, I didn’t let it spoil my evening and I’m ready to book my next bingo night out with my friends!

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Rosso, shall we brunch?[INVITE]

As a food lover and all, I love an opportunity to try out new and different places to stuff my face (sorry, I meant enjoy some food with some friends😉)

So when @Lovepopupslondon and @Rosso invited me and some bloggers to try out their prosecco flowing brunch event, even if I was busy, I cancelled all plans… Like who ever says no to a brunch with prosecco.

Rosso is located in the very central High Street Kensington, of West London so an ideal location if you’ve just finished a shopping or an cultural visit to the many local and free museums London has to offer.

The decor of the restaurant is tastefully designed with lots of pictures opportunity for those who love to capture every moment. There was lots of amazing wines, prosecco on offer and the staff was more than happy to explain their selection to you.

On arrival the staff has beautifully placed some amazing starters out in the main dinning area, I really love this concept, an unlimited buffet style starters, all freshly prepared and constantly topped up..

The selection of bread on offer was great, I’ve never tried charcoal bread, and it was super yummy!

This was the first of the many plates I had…😉

The mozzarella balls to me was the star of the show, super creamy and totally yummy…I could eat that all day.

Rosso carbonara with figs
Spicy arrabbiata chitarra spaghetti with seafood ‘nduja’
Florentine poached eggs with bacon and hollandaise sauce
Mixed bean, poached eggs, sausage crumble served with crunchy pancetta and lemon zest

The choice of the main was a little limited and we had a vegetarian in our group with some severe allergies, which the restaurant tried to accommodate.

I chose the spicy arrabbiata however I couldn’t taste any seafood nduja? I also felt the dish was a little bland to my liking, a little more salt was required.

The desserts selection was a little on the limited side also however some of the tartlets were definitely worth saving my desserts stomach for!

Similar to a Bakewell tart
Lemon muffins- a little on the dry side
These were definitely my favourite

I had a great time enjoying the food and free flowing bubbles which the server made sure our glasses were never empty, such great tentive attention.

The meal was finished off with a great coffee..

Thank you again to Rosso for the invite, a great venue and super reasonable free bubbles brunch if you are looking for a place around the High Street Kensington area.

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Cluequest- cQ ORIGENES- challenge accepted. [Gifted]

It’s been a while since I last visited Cluequest to find out what is new with Mr Q and Professor Black sheep, following the last game of Revenge of the Sheep, I was intrigued by what the people at Cluequest have planned for us, and I was surely not disappointed.

I and a few agents from @LovePopUpsLondon went down to see if we have what it takes to take on whatever nasty plan Professor Black Sheep has waiting for us for this new game cQ ORIGENES.

As we arrived we was briefed by Mr Q special agents, Professor Black Sheep is back and he has released a new virus in to the computer systems which could wipe out all of our existence, omg I hear you say..

The story goes back to the beginning when Mr Q and Professor Black Sheep were both human, what turned them into the animals they represent today?

Our mission if we choose to accept was to return to the lab where the SD card containing the virus lies and destroy it before it destroys all of our livelihood today!

However before we can start, as humans how do we get into the lab designed to fit a sheep and a mouse? Enter the Shrink-O-Mat.

This game was both challenging and rewarding at the same time, as usual you have 60 minutes to find solve all the puzzles and get out before the time is up!

As per all my escape room reviews, I won’t spoil the fun for you, but I can assure you that you will enjoy yourselves and the props for the game has been carefully planned out and with a group for 6 the games was not linear based but all very logical so everyone could be participating in different puzzles.

Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to make it out before the 60 minutes was up and needed an additional 1:44 seconds to complete our mission. However, I’ve been told current success rate is only 15% so I guess the extra minutes we had wasn’t too bad..

Definitely for me 4* in my rating for escape room, great puzzles, great props and plenty to keep the team entertained.

Thanks again to the team at Cluequest for a great evening out!

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Ready steady bake-The Big London Bake [GIFTED]

As the Great British bake off phenomenon has taken over our lives and kitchen, it’s no wonder someone will be looking to bring this baking experience to the home bakers of you and me.

I was invited down to try our this two hour baking experience from our friends at @LovePopUpsLondon and the amazing team at @TheBigLondonBakeOff. The Big London bake are the only of its kind in London, they have kept the experience as close to the original as possible as the set up is based inside a large tent, with baking station you won’t be unfamiliar with.

The 90 minutes experience see even the beginners successfully produce a Battenberg cake as all the ingredients have been measured out and set aside for you. Your creative quality is needed for the flavours, colours and of course the icing on the top (literally!)

However don’t be alarmed if you have never baked a cake before let alone a Battenberg then fear not the team is fully on hand to lend any support you, as well as offering suggestions if you lack any ideas.

The experience cost from £35-£44.50 per person, you will need a team of two so grab a friend, a date or whomever you want and head down to their tent in Tooting Broadway and bake away!

Our creation 😂
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Are you the next Robin Hood? – ArcheryFit

Do you ever feel inspired from watching the movies where when the actors horse back rides while shooting their bow and arrows making it both cool and easy peasy?

Well if you want to try your hands on being the next Robin Hood or Legalas? Then ArcheryFit is there to make dreams come true.. Okay.. That might have been a tad over exaggerated. Let’s say they can give you the basic and skill only come to those who practise is my personal experience.

I was invited down to ArcheryFit with a group for the Love Pop Ups London community to have an introductory lesson from both Alice and Kristina firstly on the history of the archers bow and the different types and usage each of them had. The way they are designed and the development of the Bow of the many years.

📷Credit @lovepopupslondon

We was introduced to the ones currently being used in the Olympic games the classic recurve bow and the one which the Olympic committee banned due to the potential for cheating.. Compound bow (gasp.. I know!) All to do with the release mechanism.. Very technical..however once you know how.. You can see their point of view.

So after our introduction from Alice we were then kitted out with finger protection and arm protection by Kristina before selecting our bow and arrows. The arrows are measured determined by your arm length.. Being a little on the shorter meant I was given lighter and thinner arrows.. Kristin a told me that so I believe her.. Lol.

Then she asked us all to line up in height order.. Why? To select our bows, as like arrows they need to fit the person using it and not the other way round.. It looks like from our group we had a tad too many short people as they ran out of short bows that they had prepared for our group.. Not to worry they are prepared for this.

Each of their bows are names after DC characters.. So remember who your name was.. Mine was Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy in case you’ve been hiding from the world of movies of late.

Next was to get out stance and posture correct before we start firing the arrows on to the targets.

The stance we learnt that night was to place both feet parallel on the floor, stand straight don’t bend your knees, keep your back straight and when you hold your bow it should be at shoulders height.. The draw line is when your pulled enough so that your hand reaches the side of your mouth.

Our training started with two practice rounds, Kristina told us that hitting the target in the middle isn’t the what it’s all about but grouping your arrows together so you can tell if you are pulling the bow too hard or too light. Kristina told us that depending on hoe your arrows are grouped you can try to compensate by going the opposite. Such as if all your bows are grouped at 9’o clock then you would need to aim for 3’o clock.. Got it?

Once we had our practice rounds we had a go at shooting balloons on the target.. Then it was competition time where arrows meant points..

It was definitely a great night out and I would totally recommend checking this out and maybe thinking about this as an alternative events out with your friends.


I really enjoyed my night out and sore shoulders were predicted and they didn’t disappoint.

A 5* from me.

📷 Credit @lovepopupslondon

Please note that this is a sponsored post but all reviews are my own.

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Inside the creatures of the-Seacreatures Tour

IMG_20180811_101059I was recently invited to experience the Sea Creatures Tour currently touring in London at Lawrence’s Hall in Victoria.

I went along with a couple of other bloggers and reviewers from Love Pop Ups London to find out more about this travelling display.20180811_100940

Sea Creatures is a groundbreaking exhibition which allows you to view the creatures of the sea and other marine mammals in a totally different light. Looking inside each animal specimen including the great sharks, whales, dolphins and many more.IMG_20180811_111152

The tour itself is supported by an interactive app which you can download and play along with the games and also collect all the different cards which are dotted all over the exhibition. Top tip, if you collect all the collectors card then you can head over to the mini store and get 20% off your purchase.. Not bad if you fancy a souvenir t-shirt.

IMG_20180811_105024The venue is designed to be very child friendly, with a large ball pit and VR section for anyone who is looking for a more virtual vision of the tour. The VR section is not part of the entrance ticket but can be brought on the day for £5.00.IMG_20180811_103044

You can currently buy tickets for the London, Scotland and Yorkshire tour, with Northern Ireland coming soon.

Ticket prices range from £11-£20.00 so definitely a good value for money.

IMG_20180811_103453The only thing I would say is that there is a lot of reading involved so little ones might find that a little tedious, but for those who want to find out more, this is definitely one not to be missed. received_490564798077903

Disclaimer *this is a sponsored blog, but all reviews are my own.