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Night of the living dead-Live experience

Today I was invited by @LovePopUpsLondon to attend a live immersive experience of a remake of George A. Romero’s unparalleled 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, superbly adapted into an immersive stage performance.

The show is currently shown at the Pleasance Theatre in North London, running currently until 9th June 19. For booking please check here.

Myself and a few memebers of Love Pop Ups London kindly gifted premium seating to ensure the best experience possible which also meant that we were sat on stage and part of the splash zone. So before we entered the the auditorium we were given a protective boiler suit to help keep our clothing dry !

The premium seating are on stage and I totally recommend these as being only £5 more that the front roll seats these while not necessary but is totally worth it.

The show is split into two halves and the first part is very close to the movie itself..a little dark but great tension created and manages to keep us all at the edge of our seats. The second half is where the musical elements comes into play… Very much like groundhog Day…the scene replays itself until the best solution is agree..but can they?

As the movie was first aired in the late 1960’s a black and white theme is carried on throughout the show..being on stage I was able to see all the amazing makeup each character has possibly spent ages doing…

Oh did I mention that the stage was also called the splatter zone? If not then here it is… throughout the show..water mixed with charcoal may be splatter by any of the characters at any part of the show. So thought I give you a little warning ….

I had so much fun here and laughed till my cheeks hurt so make sure you are prepared to accept anything and nothing is impossible.

I would totally recommend this to any friends looking for a zombie style comedy…and if that’s your thing…what are you waiting for??

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Musical with a naughty twist

So, when Joanne from Love pop up London posted about this new theatrical show at the Vault Theatre and was looking for open minded people to come and review the show, I said “heck yes! I’m there”.

The show ‘Miss Nightingale’ a Mr Bugg Presents Productions, the show based during the second world war of around 1942, a story a young singer / nurse called Maggie Brown. Maggie an aspiring singer was looking for a platform to share her musical talent, together with a gay Polish Jew songwriter, George- trust me you will learn to love him-break into the entertainment industry with songs that would knock a smile on even the saddest of faces.
The story while comical also had an underlying touch of how society deals with homosexuality. While keeping the story lighthearted, the writer managed to address people’s behaviour towards this in a real and honest view.
Many of songs preformed was definitely what I would call tongue in cheek, so, if you embarrass easily, then be warned, the sexual innuendo flows smoothly in a “wow, did she really just say that?”, if you ask me my favourite of the night was definitely the ‘sausage song’- have a listen and you will understand why!
Its been a very long time since I have seen anything that while only having 6 characters in the whole show, each and everyone of them really show their vocal and musical talent as each will and could play a few instruments.
One thing I would say is that theres definitely no heating in the theatre, so make sure you keep your jacket on and maybe a scarf in case you get chilly, drinks was reasonable- cash only- so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the show!
Thank you for the show Miss Nightingale, find out more