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Cluequest- cQ ORIGENES- challenge accepted. [Gifted]

It’s been a while since I last visited Cluequest to find out what is new with Mr Q and Professor Black sheep, following the last game of Revenge of the Sheep, I was intrigued by what the people at Cluequest have planned for us, and I was surely not disappointed.

I and a few agents from @LovePopUpsLondon went down to see if we have what it takes to take on whatever nasty plan Professor Black Sheep has waiting for us for this new game cQ ORIGENES.

As we arrived we was briefed by Mr Q special agents, Professor Black Sheep is back and he has released a new virus in to the computer systems which could wipe out all of our existence, omg I hear you say..

The story goes back to the beginning when Mr Q and Professor Black Sheep were both human, what turned them into the animals they represent today?

Our mission if we choose to accept was to return to the lab where the SD card containing the virus lies and destroy it before it destroys all of our livelihood today!

However before we can start, as humans how do we get into the lab designed to fit a sheep and a mouse? Enter the Shrink-O-Mat.

This game was both challenging and rewarding at the same time, as usual you have 60 minutes to find solve all the puzzles and get out before the time is up!

As per all my escape room reviews, I won’t spoil the fun for you, but I can assure you that you will enjoy yourselves and the props for the game has been carefully planned out and with a group for 6 the games was not linear based but all very logical so everyone could be participating in different puzzles.

Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to make it out before the 60 minutes was up and needed an additional 1:44 seconds to complete our mission. However, I’ve been told current success rate is only 15% so I guess the extra minutes we had wasn’t too bad..

Definitely for me 4* in my rating for escape room, great puzzles, great props and plenty to keep the team entertained.

Thanks again to the team at Cluequest for a great evening out!

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Mister Q-Cluequest

IMG_20170531_183919IMG_20170531_185335So, I think I found an escape room with the most padlocks ever! Cluequest in London

I love the fact that the first part of the brief included how to open the said locks. As from a personal experience I have been that person who tried the right combination but just can’t get that lock open.. So I totally appreciate the quick lesson.


Before heading to the room you are briefed to what the story is all about, listen carefully as everything is and could be a clue… Mister Q needs your help and there are two roles which needs to be allocated before you start! Just to say the game we played was Plan52


Heading into the room, I wasn’t sure that, this was it, as it’s quite small, but filled with lots of clues to get you started . my one recommendation is that you need to write everything down.  I love the fact that there are so many different objects that each of your team members could get involved in. As I’ve been to a game that was so linear based that you cannot move on until you have solved one.. Which mean that there will be time when some of the players have nothing to do.

Not ClueQuest, there’s always something for everyone to participate in. As in all escape rooms, the less I tell you about the room, the more fun you will have.

Another tip is to be vigilant and work together.. Remember in all escape rooms everything matters!

Our team managed to escape with 7 minutes 53 seconds to spare. Our games master praised us we didn’t needed any clues from them.. I’ve never completed an escape room without any clues.. Team, we did good! (p. s you get a free picture magnet if you didn’t need clues.. Well that’s what he said.. So I’m sticking with it!)

Thanks, to ClueQuest for the amazing game and also love pop up London for inviting me to challenge and improve team work..also thanks to Jo for the champagne prize, of course we shared our prize.. That’s what we call teamwork!

It’s a great game for both beginners (you don’t need any prior experience) and advanced players..

I recommended this game to work as a great team build activity.. So let’s see if take me up on it, if so, as Arnie, once said.. ‘I’ll be back’ lol