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The Cauldron- Lets get magical!

IMG_20180606_214450Enjoy conjuring up your own magical cocktails? Well The Cauldron may be just what you are looking for.

So what is The Cauldron all about? Well let me explain, this is a magical Cocktail Experience is a 1 hr 45 min immersion class in London,

What should you expect? Well currently hosted in an East London venue, The Cauldron welcomes guest on entry by handing each mixologist wannabe a robe and a wand is handed over a card deposit (some people say is very loosely based on the Harry Potter franchise?).IMG_20180606_200442

Guests are then given potions and instructions on how to use their magic wands to brew and conjure up drinkable elixirs.IMG_20180606_200839

Tickets are £29.99 and include The Cauldron collaboration beer, two molecular cocktails, and the interactive experience, for those non drinkers don’t worry non-alcohol options are available.IMG_20180606_205858

The venue will pair each group into groups of 2 as this helps with the seating as well as the potion mixing. I was honoured to be invited with a group of bloggers to experience by Love Pop London and I can honestly say that everyone had a great time.

IMG_20180606_212857The Cauldron also has additional drinks on offer which I can only say is magical! The Dragon’s Breath is one of my favourite as the fire is real! Fire alarms has been know to go off every time this drink is served!

The venue also has a hidden secret, venture into their magical wardrobe and you will find out what is lurking behind those doors.. don’t worry its not as scary as their toilet :).

I have also been told that The Cauldron will soon be travelling over to the other side of the pond, NYC in September before coming back to London at a permanent location, I cannot wait!

Now lets talk about their cocktails, each guest (wizard/ witches- as you shall now be known as) will use the potions set out in front of you to conjure up your magical brews..your magical wand is used to add final touches and to unlock secret ingredients, so be ready to wave it around and watch as your drink transform in front of your eyes.IMG_20180606_203015

The Cauldron has teamed up with London’s Fourpure Brewing Co. to design a craft beer that uses ingredients central to witchcraft and magic.  The result is a beer that we call “Four Cauldrons.”  It is inspired by a witch or wizard’s most essential tool: the magic wand.  Four Cauldrons has a base of wand wood– in this case oak– and a core of ingredients used in magical history– coriander, ginger, and vanilla.  For those who doesn’t enjoy a beer or two, then they do offer alternatives, all drinks are dispensed by their tree of life. Be ready to be called up to meet the said tree with your wand in hand.IMG_20180606_213129

All in all I would recommend this experience to all who loves the magical feel, and obviously a drink or two.

📷 credit @whatskatiedoing