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Cluequest- cQ ORIGENES- challenge accepted. [Gifted]

It’s been a while since I last visited Cluequest to find out what is new with Mr Q and Professor Black sheep, following the last game of Revenge of the Sheep, I was intrigued by what the people at Cluequest have planned for us, and I was surely not disappointed.

I and a few agents from @LovePopUpsLondon went down to see if we have what it takes to take on whatever nasty plan Professor Black Sheep has waiting for us for this new game cQ ORIGENES.

As we arrived we was briefed by Mr Q special agents, Professor Black Sheep is back and he has released a new virus in to the computer systems which could wipe out all of our existence, omg I hear you say..

The story goes back to the beginning when Mr Q and Professor Black Sheep were both human, what turned them into the animals they represent today?

Our mission if we choose to accept was to return to the lab where the SD card containing the virus lies and destroy it before it destroys all of our livelihood today!

However before we can start, as humans how do we get into the lab designed to fit a sheep and a mouse? Enter the Shrink-O-Mat.

This game was both challenging and rewarding at the same time, as usual you have 60 minutes to find solve all the puzzles and get out before the time is up!

As per all my escape room reviews, I won’t spoil the fun for you, but I can assure you that you will enjoy yourselves and the props for the game has been carefully planned out and with a group for 6 the games was not linear based but all very logical so everyone could be participating in different puzzles.

Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to make it out before the 60 minutes was up and needed an additional 1:44 seconds to complete our mission. However, I’ve been told current success rate is only 15% so I guess the extra minutes we had wasn’t too bad..

Definitely for me 4* in my rating for escape room, great puzzles, great props and plenty to keep the team entertained.

Thanks again to the team at Cluequest for a great evening out!

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The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar-BuckBuck Games

So it’s the new year and your team at work has lost their drive and you need something to spark that drive within…now as you scratch your head and think how am I going to do this? Let me help you!

Introducing BuckBuck Games an interactive scavenger hunt. The aim of the game is to find as many gold as you can to exchange it for the caterpillar hunting stick, so you can find the missing smoking caterpillar…well or so we thought?

When you arrive you are escorted to the Hunt room by the white rabbit don’t worry if you don’t know where you are going she will come and find you.

Next you’ll meet the Baron who will guide you through the hunt and give you some of basic rules..which basically is engaged and find…

the Alchemist who will provide you with the first drink…

The drink is an orange flavor alcohol concoction…not one for me…

The hunt involves solving puzzles left out by the various characters, the aim of the game is that they will have clues for you to solve and task for you to so in exchange for gold nuggets..

The game itself is very interactive, however as there were lots of smaller groups of players..I am not sure that it’s the right combination? For example, I felt that there were some groups who were really engaged with the activities and there was some groups who were like on their own hunt?

I would say, we did find Russ the smoking caterpillar so we all won!

I think this would be a great game where you have a big group of people who know each other to make it a competitive as well as a team build exercise.

All in all, I had fun engaging with the actors. Also I felt that the constant refuelling of the task once completed does allow other players to try the same game once you have completed it.

Not sure it’s something I would do again as while it was fun, I did find some of the task confusing and wasn’t too sure what I was doing at all times? Personal choice but great for a team build activity.

Thanks to Love Pop Ups London for the invite.

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The Lost Passenger- will you be next?

IMG_20180717_184348I was invited back to Mission Breakout   second room after my visit over a year ago to trial their latest room of The Lost Passenger.

The story of the room is loosely based on a true story of a passenger who got off the train at South Kentish Town station back in 1924. Just after 1924 when this station closed, a train suddenly stopped at South Kentish Town  by mistake and a male passenger by the name of Mr Bracket got off and then the train departed, it is not known whether Mr Bracket escaped or has he been stucked there since 1924?

The room and game design did not disappoint, we was told that the design were from designers orginating from Russia, and every part of this new room really challenges the mind and phsyical abilities (Dont worry, there isn’t any heavy lifting involved).

As for most of my escape room reviews, I wont be able to give too much of the game away, however, be prepared to be ducking and crawling to your next destination so put away your glad rags and be prepared to get mucked in.

Team work is key and communication with your group is a must, there are lots of clues you will need to work together in order to solve the riddle and move on. The game is very linea and you must solve one clue before moving on to the next.

Our group escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare, and logical thinking and team work made sure we escape in the nick of time.

Due to the location of the rooms especially the last one,  and the summer heatwave London was having at the moment, it did get quite warm in the room, also as there was 6 of us in the rooms it got very uncomfortable at times. But hey let’s not complain too much about the weather here!

I would however recommend that due to some of the games where only one or two players can work on them at a time, the room should really hold a maxium of 4 players to give each players an opportunity to solve some of the puzzles/ clues.

Regardless, I really enjoy the game and totally recommend friends to come and challenge their wit and escape.

A good 4**** for me on this one!

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London for inviting me and some of the other Love Pop London crew to play. Please note while this experience is sponsored, all reviews are my own.


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Now Gallery – WALALA X play

An art exhibition that explores the usage of both, vivid patterns, colours and reflections to excite the individual needs to explore. 

This is a concept maze designed by Camille Walala. The maze uses different bold patterns and colours to lead you through the exhibition, every corner you turn insights a different experience and feeling. 

A key part of this installation is the imaginative puzzle that invites the solver to differentiate the difference between what may be two identical images. 
You can definitely feel like getting lost in it. 

The exhibition is free to enter however due  to the size and popularity of it.. Now gallery offers a ticketed event. So please make sure you book to avoid any disappointment! The gallery is usually less busy on a weekday so if you are passing by then pop in and have a look. 

Also, the exhibition can be viewed on the upstairs platform, do pop up as they have a model of the new development for those interested in architecture or design infrastructure it a delight to explore. This exhibition is on until 24th September so to don’t wait.. 

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Hot tub- Hot tug

I have recently been on a river /canal cruise kick, so when  an opportunity to sail along the canals in a hot tub, I was definitely intrigued. I mean who doesn’t enjoy chilling in the hot tub with some friends, a little beverage and great scenery.

What I’m talking about here is the nearly established start up company HotTug UK  who successfully crowd funded their project and finally open itd doors on 21st July 2017.

Hot Tug is the first of its kind to bring to the canals of London the world first wood fired floating hot tub. A hot tub you ask? Well it’s a boat that is also a hot tub. HotTug is currently hosted at the Islington  boat club, a charity which helps encourage youngster to water sports. I am mentioning this as availability of the experience is dependent if the club itself is running any classes or courses.

This company is the brain child of two friends Tommo and Jack. However, they aren’t the one who invented the HotTug, credit goes to Frank de Bruijn, where Frank worked on the barges in port of Rotterdam, Frank de Bruijn: “It’s much more than a boat, it’s a vessel with different options. When the tug is filled, there is only a narrow rim between you and the water, making you feel at one with your surroundings.”

Frank’s long experience of wood stoves while living and working on his own barge helped him to develop a wood-burning underwater stove. This is what heats the 1800 litres of water in the HotTug to a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees F.) in a few hours.

 So, how does it all work? Well each HotTug is filled with clean water before each booking and the wood fired mechanism installed keeps the water at a toastie 38 degrees. There are also logs on board for you to keep the fire going.

Each HotTug sits around 7 people and steering is a lot easier than most electric boats. As you cruise down along Regents canal, the route itself isn’t very long.. However it’s wide enough for the boat to comfortably float along while you and your group enjoy some of London canal scenery. We definitely felt like celebs as passers-by would stop and take our pictures cause have they never seen this before,and I bet they didn’t even know this kind of experience is out there! The pair currently have two boats available for hire.

Photo credit @lovepopupslondon 

Also in case you are wondering how the facilities are like at the venue, again I will say as the HotTug is hosted on the boat club they have a school like changing facilities, of course your main experience is to get on to the canals and chill in the 38 degrees hot tub.

Photo credit @lovepopupslondon

You are also able to bring some drinks along, and big shout out goes to Fentimans for supplying the drink of choice as we cruise down the canals.

The HotTug experience will say you back £224 for 90 minutes, this includes a 15 minutes briefing on driving the boat and route (don’t worry, you really can’t get lost, as there are two locks which you must can’t get through.)

For a hot summers day, I can’t think of a much better way to spend my time with great company and great concepts. I am intrigued how it feels to sit on one in the winter? Would someone please try it and let me know?

Thanks to Joanne and her team from Love Pop Up London and HotTug UK for an amazing start to my Saturday. I would totally recommend grabbing some friends to give this a go, don’t forget your towels!

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Canal boat cruise picnic? Yes please!  

When I was asked if I would be interested in cruising down the canal from Paddington basin, to Camden, I couldn’t help but jumped a little in excitement.. I have never done a canal cruise, I mean I have seen the canal boats all long the London canals.. But driving a boat down.. Now that’s something you don’t do everyday.

Now, Go Boat is the only self drive electric power boating experience in London, this is a follow up on the success Go Boat had in Scandinavia.
The journey take place by Merchant Square nearest station I would say is Edgware road station.

You can book various hours, however we think that a minimum of two hours are required.. We had two hours on our trip and you really don’t know where they go.. I mean when they said time flies when you are having fun.. They didn’t exaggerate!

Just in case you think that they let all these Londoners loose on the canals of London.. Don’t worry.. We have all been briefed of all the tight squeeze and  things to avoid as well as a map to merrily bobbing along the canals towards Camden Town. Apparently this journey should take no more than 60 mins.. Well, let’s just say we wanted to get to Camden but may not have made it in the two hours we had.

It’s such a difference experience to see London from a different side.. Passing little Venice, along Regents Park, where you can spot a few zoo animals.. It just makes anyone so happy.

Our trip was also filled with lovely drinks provided by Fentimans I have always loved their delicious Ginger Beer, I didn’t even know that they do alcoholic drinks.. The pre mixed Gin and tonic.. Was delicious.. The drinks are all organically brewed and most are gluten free too!

Together with vegetable crips from Emily’s Crisp a healthy and yummy treat for the cruise. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon picnic experience.

I loved the experience and would love definitely be recommending it to friends and family, looking to enjoy a different side of London. Thanks again to Jo from @lovepopupslondon for the invite.

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Zadar- Croatia- Part I



So recently, I mean during Easter, I decided to continue with my travel exploration, so on my hit list was Zadar in Croatia..

Lots of people ask me why Zadar considering this is my first visit to Croatia.. I mean most people will visit Dubrovnik or even Split. Well I didn’t want to be one of the crowds and Zadar being relatively unknown is a great place for a first experience. The city itself is small, I mean from the old town I was able to walk from one end to the other in under 15 minute so don’t worry about getting lost.


From the airport, there is one bus that is usually timed to leave depending on the flights arrival into Zadar airport.. 25 Kuna for a bus ride, please note that the driver doesn’t carry change, so make sure you have some.. i.e… buy some water at the airport? The ride takes around 20 mins into the old town.. so if thats where you are staying.. its the last stop so don’t worry about missing it.

I stayed at the Boutique Forum Hostel, the location of this hostel is AMAZING.. and the room, clean with free linen and towels.. and at £13.90 per night? I’m not complaining.. they have lockers in the room which is opened with your room key.. each room has 4 bunk beds that has a mirror and two electric ports by your bed so no waiting for the ports to be free to charge up your camera or phone..


Oh, one thing I need to mention is that as a solo traveller I felt really safe walking around, though I always recommend being street wise to being aware of your surroundings.

So one of the main attraction in Zadar is the Sea Organ created by Nikola Bašić, though man made its an amazing invention.. I know you can hear the sea when you sit close by but to be be able to hear the music it plays from as far away as the town is unbelievable. It has totally changed the city’s waterfront. So how did he do this? well this is due to the holes drilled into the marble of the steps which are linked to the 35 organ pipes beneath the water. Please take a moment to sit down and enjoy the free concert.

Right by the Sea Organ is the Greetings to the Sun, this is a great visual display another Nikola Bašić creation, this is a circular display where there are tiny photovoltaic cells underneath… during the day, these little cells store the sun rays as solar energy and when night falls.. these colourful lights display are a image I have confirmed to memory.

There are many reminiscence of Byzantine rule so definitely take some time and enjoy the scenery..such as the Zadar Cathedral, The Church of St.Donatus all within walking distance in the old town.

So as a foodie, what do I enjoyed the most? definitely the Dalamation Beef Stew, which is beef stew that has been slow cooked for at least 12 hours so the restaurant will make it the night before, these are usually served on a bed of gnocchi. Next is the Black ink Risotto… Places I tried are: Restaurant Bruschetta and Konoba Stomorica and I recommend for trying these traditional cuisine.


I am going to just leave it here and my next Zadar post will be about the Plitvice Lakes National Park so do come back for more! P. S there are more pictures.. So watch this space.