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Turkish dining in Soho

So when my friend told me about this Turkish restaurant in Soho, i was a little confused I mean I am used to the traditional China town, where everywhere you turn there is a Chinese restaurant waiting to take all your money away with hanging duck, pork and chicken in the window to entice you inside.

I mean you have the random Indian and pizza joint. Though looking around me these days, there are a feast of foodie places that will service even the trickiest of eater.

Well lets get back to this Turkish restaurant-Babaji Side Salonu on Shaftesbury Avenue, when we approached and notice the queue outside we know that there is a reason why there’s people queuing. We had to wait around 15 minutes which wasn’t too bad on a Saturday night without booking..

The restaurant was extremely busy and servers are rushed off their feet, we had to wait about another 10 minutes before we even got our drinks order put so when they came back we quickly ordered as being told the kitchen was very busy was enough for haste decisions so that we can eat asap as we were famish!

We started with fried calamari, then spinach with feta filo pastry, then I had the chicken shish served with bread and my companion had the lamb.

I must say that this isn’t the same as the ones I get back in North London – Green lanes, where great food with decent quantity with free flowing salad and bread, would definitely keep my heart.. Some even offer a free Turkish tea and dessert, but if I am ever craving the grilled Turkish meal in Soho, I would definitely be back!