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Ball pit party? Yes please Two Ruba [INVITE]

It’s never ever a bad idea to bring a whole brunch of friends to a bar in London bridge with drinks on flow and access to a 20 man/ woman (let’s make sure we include everyone here) ball pit with over 20,000 balls… hallelujah!

So when Love Pop Ups London invited me with a brunch of the members from the community to a ball pit party I couldn’t really say no! I mean they didn’t even have to say flamingos and I was already ready to jump in.

So, bar Two Ruba is located inside the Hilton hotel with great views of the Thames…I mean what better way to enjoy London?

So while they have great cocktails with the most comfiest sofas to relax on, if you are looking for a place to arrange a group party, Two Ruba is happy to cater for all and if drinking is so last season then how about your own reservation at their private ball pit.

The ball pit is open to both adults and children however each reservation is private hire only, for more info click here

Did you know that Two Ruba, also have a ripple cocktail machine, what is that you might ask? Well it’s a selection of foam cocktails which they can help you impressed your special guest with a picture of their or yours face on the how’s that for impressive?

The venue can cater for small groups or your annual Christmas party..sorry ..I know it’s early but you gotta start planning if you want the best venue around!

With the private hire you can hire the bar and the ball pit together or separately, they also have a great selection of canapes to keep the hunger at bay..some of the canapes available include.

Crab on tortilla chips


Chicken sliders

Jackfruit sliders (veggie)

Italian anti pasti board

Vegetarian board, with hummus and olives

Lemon cheesecake

Fruit skewers

For group bookings each canapes are charged per person, they can cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements, they do ask you to let them know at least 48 hours before your booking to ensure they can make the necessary arrangements.

So whatever you are looking for I think Two Ruba can sure keep you and your party smiling all night long!

It was a great night with friends new and old, thanks again to Love Pop Ups London and Two Ruba for the invite, I can safely say that myself and our community really enjoyed our night out and we are definitely planning on our next visit!

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Ball pit fun @ BallieBallerson


Now, I know what you are thinking, why would you want to nose dive first into a giant ball pit filled waist deep with plastic balls. Now on any given day, I might agree with you, however the stress of working life and the dire heat of London of late (I know, I will later regret saying this about the weather when the rain arrives) what better way than to chill and relax with some friends and throw balls at each other and pretend you are 5 again.

The guys at #BallieBallerson have brought us their pop up here at the Box Park Shoreditch for anyone looking to relive any childhood fantasy.

The music really gets you in the mood if at first you aren’t already. Come along, bring some friends and lets have a ball pit fight! (throwing speed at your own risk!!)

I loved it even for 30 minutes, will make you forget about everything..

P. S please take off jewellery or lose items, if it gets lost in the pit, you’ll never find it..

P. P. S soft serve society is next door of you need an ice cream to finish that feeling off!

Thanks to Jo from love pop up London for the experience.. IMG_20170621_180134