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Yakiniku-Japanese BBQ- Sakagura LND


So why settle for the usual bangers and burgers on a the barbie when you can have Wagu beef, short ribs, Ox tongue, seafood such as prawns, squid and scallops on the menu?

What am I talking about is the Yakiniku experience from Sakagura LDN which is the more upmarket branch of Shoryru. The venue on Heddon Street just of Regents Street is like a hidden gem of food galore and places for a quick drink or drinking outdoors while you watch the sun going down in the heart of the West end.


So let’s get to the food.. The menu normally £30pp minimum order is for two person.(I would it’s a tad over priced for the quantities. However for the experience and ambience of the setting, maybe…)  The price includes, as a starter, Japanese rice, salad and miso soup.. Before the Bbq is served each person can pick three items from their meat, seafood and veggie options.. I will recommend for the price to order the meats and we definitely recommend the Australian Wagu beef, this is an additional £3 per portion ,we asked our waiter which one he would recommend, sirloin or cubes.. Apparently one is diced.. Lol.. Well we went for the Australian Wagu sirloin and it was amazing!

We tried the Wagu, short ribs, chicken thighs, Ox tongue, prawns and scallops. We felt the quantity and quality  of meat was great and the experience of cooking the meat at the table really heighten the experience. The traditional stove that you use to cook really feels like a traditional experience.


To end the meat feast, the process include a scoop of icecream where you get to pick from the following flavours.. Sakagura last vanilla, dark chocolate wasabi and my favourite soya sauce caramel.

P. S did I mention the happy hour cocktails? 2-4-1 5pm-7pm Monday to Friday.. £15.00 each normally


P. P. S just to mention if you head over to Sakagura website they have the Yakiniku meal for 2-4-1 until the end of July.. I know it’s not long to go.. But better late than never.. Download the voucher and grab a friend.

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Trampoline fun at Flip Out London E6


Let me just start and say, I didn’t think that I would have as much fun as I did that night I discovered FlipOut London especially their East Ham venue.


The location is a disused bingo hall so it’s huge! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the front of house staff who make sure once you have signed your disclaimer, you are handed with an luminous green socks and your coloured wrist bands (depending on the number of hours you’ve booked).


Before you are let loose on the trampolines you need to watch a quick 4 minutes video of the do’s and don’t’s to keep you and the everyone else safe to enjoy their day.


Let me tell you that if you thought it was just a trampoline park, you are so wrong.. I mean so wrong..


This is like an adventure playground for young and old.. At the introductory video you’ll be guided through the map of the venue and there’s a lot to see and do.. Let me name a few for you.. Laser quest, ninjas warrior, foam pit, duel pit (I’m very proud that I managed to stay on against my opponent for at 3 minutes!) a 30ft vertical drop slide that scared the daylights out me due to the initial push you have to do to slide down.. Someone help me!! .. (p.s I chicken out).

A climbing arena and a 100 metres cave and potholing experience.  I must advise is that it’s an enclosure with lots of twist and turns and there are times you have to go head first.. So for those who aren’t as brave.. Maybe leave that to the more adventurous? I hear bruises are part of the experience? One thing is make sure you bring along your trainers as shoes and sandals are a no no if you want to participate in the climbing activities.


There are lots of viewings platforms and areas for those who just want to do the cheering. If you get hungry  they have three dining areas.


They specialise in holding kids and adult jump parties which can include food and a host to make sure your experience is unforgettable.. In the best way ever!

Our host on our visit was Charnelle and she was amazing. The food was good, like a diner, pizza, nanchos, salads and iced slushes..


For £12.00 you can use the trampolines and everything else available.. For £20 that gives you two hours of fun.. I think to try everything, you’re gonna need at least half a day to enjoy the venue.. But why limit yourself?? Split it up, do what you can and come back for more!


Thank you to Love Pop Up London and FlipOut London E6 for an amazing experience.. I will definitely be back with friends and family..

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Rooftop film club- Roof East


As summer rolls in the only thing you want to be doing is spending as much time as you can possibly managed outdoors.. So an offer of watching an iconic film in the great outdoors is one hard offer to refuse. Enter the Roof East at the Stratford Centre. A roof top pop up running on similar themes to those such as pergola in Shepherds Bush and Paddington.


However, there’s one difference, they do not have the Roof top Film club screening their movies. Complete with deck chairs and a blanket to keep you warm on those breezy summer nights (trust me, you need it).


As this is an open venue and the roof is filled with drinkers, punters and pizzas/ burger eating crowd, you’ll will be glad of the headphones they provide to provide the soundtrack of the movie.


The screening was for 28 days later, a movie I’ve seen many moons ago, still bring slight goosebumps to me. I love the venue this is hosted, however, on warm nights there is a queue to get onto the roof too so make sure you have your booking details at the ready.. Or else you may miss the start of your movie.

I will say those deck chairs looks great but after an hour and half I was feeling a strain on my back.. I might try out the couple chairs as they do look a tad more comfy?


Just a note, it’s more atmospheric if they start the movie after sunset so the movie may start a little later than planned so be aware of that.

Armed with a blanket and popcorn, and a drink (the booth only sells wine, however with a bar on the rooftop, there’s no short supply of beverage to suit the fussiest of punters!) I was ready to sit back and relax and enjoy my film. A great date night option I totally recommend it to groups of friends as well.

I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy the great outdoors?

Thanks to Jo from Love Pop ups London and Rooftop Film club for a great night out!

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A 10 years anniversary with a difference? Bompas & Parr


So when I was invited to attend the Bompas & Parr 10 years anniversary party.. I knew it won’t be one of the norm.. I mean if the dress code was to wear whatever’s in your wardrobe which you had previously deemed unsuitable for public viewing .. They want to see it and encouraged it.. and a competition for the world worst cake.. Would mean that whatever is going on you know it won’t be your standard canapés and wine affairs. The celebration coincides with their retrospect exhibition The Temple of the Tongue..


On arrival.. I know sad but we got there a tad early for the party.. Keen? They were still putting the final touches to the venue.. Oh did I mention it was being staged in the car park outside their offices/warehouse? However from what I can see on the outside.. I was definitely intrigued to find out more.. P.s I saw a home made slide which for those young enough to remember reminded of the home alone scene..Here’s a picture just for those who don’t remember..


Upon entrance you are given a blue shot which has some alcohol in it and a concoction of something.. Which I was told was not to be disclosed.. Hmm… I wondered.

The party was theme to showcase everything which was previously deemed unsuitable for a party.. .. I mean a statute of a woman with wine pouring out… a mermaid hot-tub, a glitter station, a chandelier with spirits for you to mix your prefect drink? Why not!


Trust me when I tell you this party was not for the faint hearted, nothing here screams the norm and for those looking to break that habit, this is one way to do this. Oh did i mention the unicorn that turns up? yep, I was confused too.. but I wont say no… Look there is no point for me to write lots and lots, check out the pictures if you want to know more.


Thanks again to Jo from Love Pop Up London for the invite, this was one party I wont forget for a while!


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Ball pit fun @ BallieBallerson


Now, I know what you are thinking, why would you want to nose dive first into a giant ball pit filled waist deep with plastic balls. Now on any given day, I might agree with you, however the stress of working life and the dire heat of London of late (I know, I will later regret saying this about the weather when the rain arrives) what better way than to chill and relax with some friends and throw balls at each other and pretend you are 5 again.

The guys at #BallieBallerson have brought us their pop up here at the Box Park Shoreditch for anyone looking to relive any childhood fantasy.

The music really gets you in the mood if at first you aren’t already. Come along, bring some friends and lets have a ball pit fight! (throwing speed at your own risk!!)

I loved it even for 30 minutes, will make you forget about everything..

P. S please take off jewellery or lose items, if it gets lost in the pit, you’ll never find it..

P. P. S soft serve society is next door of you need an ice cream to finish that feeling off!

Thanks to Jo from love pop up London for the experience.. IMG_20170621_180134

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Aftermath- London, can you solve it?

Photo creditsAftermath, the name suggest something has occurred and you need to solve it, so are you ready for it? This isn’t the usual escape room that I have experienced, there was no room that you had to literally escape, but the clues and objects needing solving is not to be dismissed.

The game can accommodate at around 15-20 people, which I felt was a little  too much. We had 12 in our group and there were times I felt unsure what to do with myself and trying to get involved in the problem solving but didn’t know where to start, and way the room was set was too spread out I felt. This game relied heavily on communication skills so, if that is lacking in the team then it does get a little confusing.


The game with giving away too much is very heavy on detail and information so you really need to be able to think outside of the box and pay attention to things that you would of otherwise dismissed.

My favourite part of the interactive part with one of the character.. again can’t tell you as it would be giving it away.

If you are looking for something for like a corporate event for team building, this is definitely one I would recommend, as there is a lot of things that people can get their hands on.

There is a games master involved, I really wished we was told specifically about some of the questions you will be asked at the end so that we could of taken better notes.

All in all a great immersive experience and one that still gets me thinking about it. Oh I forgot to mention that we escaped with 7 minutes on the clock to spare..

Thanks to Aftermath and Love Pop Up London for the experience.



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Mister Q-Cluequest

IMG_20170531_183919IMG_20170531_185335So, I think I found an escape room with the most padlocks ever! Cluequest in London

I love the fact that the first part of the brief included how to open the said locks. As from a personal experience I have been that person who tried the right combination but just can’t get that lock open.. So I totally appreciate the quick lesson.


Before heading to the room you are briefed to what the story is all about, listen carefully as everything is and could be a clue… Mister Q needs your help and there are two roles which needs to be allocated before you start! Just to say the game we played was Plan52


Heading into the room, I wasn’t sure that, this was it, as it’s quite small, but filled with lots of clues to get you started . my one recommendation is that you need to write everything down.  I love the fact that there are so many different objects that each of your team members could get involved in. As I’ve been to a game that was so linear based that you cannot move on until you have solved one.. Which mean that there will be time when some of the players have nothing to do.

Not ClueQuest, there’s always something for everyone to participate in. As in all escape rooms, the less I tell you about the room, the more fun you will have.

Another tip is to be vigilant and work together.. Remember in all escape rooms everything matters!

Our team managed to escape with 7 minutes 53 seconds to spare. Our games master praised us we didn’t needed any clues from them.. I’ve never completed an escape room without any clues.. Team, we did good! (p. s you get a free picture magnet if you didn’t need clues.. Well that’s what he said.. So I’m sticking with it!)

Thanks, to ClueQuest for the amazing game and also love pop up London for inviting me to challenge and improve team work..also thanks to Jo for the champagne prize, of course we shared our prize.. That’s what we call teamwork!

It’s a great game for both beginners (you don’t need any prior experience) and advanced players..

I recommended this game to work as a great team build activity.. So let’s see if take me up on it, if so, as Arnie, once said.. ‘I’ll be back’ lol