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South American meets European cuisine – Tupi London [INVITE]

It’s been a while since I did a food post here and this little restaurant just outside Elephant and Castle train station is something I’m truly impressed by.

I was kindly invited here with a few blogger friends from @LovePopUpsLondon to try out their amazing Europe meets South American cuisines. Let’s just say it did not disappoint.

@TupiLondon has a couple of locations one in Peckham Rye and the other is Elephant and Castle.

The decor of the place is simple but am super obsessed with the tropical ascent wall..great for that Instagram post I tell you.

First let’s start off some amazing cocktails, of course smoothie and juices are also available for those non drinkers, so fear not, no one is left out.

Espresso Martini and Very Berry Smoothie
The guilty line up

Next for the starters, we chose from a healthy selection available of meat, seafood and veggie options..

Spicy Prawns and Scampi in a tomato and white wine sauce
Little birds- fried chicken thighs with romesco sauce
Squid with lime mayo
Grilled chorizo with a chimichuri sauce

The starters were amazing and the spicy prawns dish was huge.. could definitely have had that as a light main dish

Once our stomachs were lines with drinks and starters we was ready for the mains, I chose the Muqueca which is a Brazilian seafood stew, and it was delicious, the stew was filled with prawns, mussels, scampi and fish, in a tomato and coconut and lime sauce with a hint of chillies to give it a slight kick

We also tried the Arroz Verde, which was a risotto dish with peas and asparagus, a very fresh and light alternative to the usually very rich and heavy risotto was served with a soft boiled egg that oozes.. a definite favourite!

Then we tried the spicy seafood linguine and the halloumi burger with an order of fries.

The portions are great for the value and the flavours delicious, would definitely come back if I’m in the area, causal location for friends or families.

Sides- grilled halloumi and broccoli dukkah

Thanks again for the invite to try out some great south America dishes.

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[INVITE] The revival of the game- Players Bingo!

So, are you one of those people who is down by the bingo halls every Saturday, trying your luck on a winning streak, or are you like me, who have never been introduced to the game before, because I admit, I always thought it was a pastime my grandma would of spent her Saturday afternoon at… please don’t hate me 😣.

So when I was kindly invited with a group of @LovePopUpsLondon bloggers to attend a launch event at Players Bingo down in Camden, I was definitely intrigued, why the sudden change of heart you wonder?

Well let’s says there’s been a lot of non traditional style games popping up all around London and I have truly been enlighten that Bingo is the way to go. I have recently heard of #musical Bingo? That’s definitely next on my list.

Players Bingo is hosted within the long standing Mecca bingo site in the heart of Camden. Bookings are available every Thursday and Saturday from 7:00pm. Tickets cost £12 each and over 18’s only- they will check!

Players Bingo is no any ordinary bingo experience, they have cleverly introduce live music, cabaret entertainment, all hosted in the traditional feeling of a bingo …a true mix of new and old perfectly complimentary.

For me a newbie to the game, I wanted to know more, the host was both engaging and funny with what I must admit the most sparkly outfit ever!

I was introduced to both the traditional numbers being called out from dear #brenda who I might add is the well as an electronic game..

Which I never expected, but hey I didn’t know what to expect, so everything was new and fascinating to me…also, the prizes was very unexpected, I mean there was a fridge freezer, a drone, and wait for it, a two person canoe…yes you heard right!

Before the start of the game, we enjoyed some cocktails which they have designed for the game, all bingo related I might add…all very yummy.

Every month, Players Bingo will be welcoming different food pop up restaurant to provide a selection of finger food available to satisfy hunger players during the game.

During the evening, while the food selection was good, unfortunately, service needed a little more refinery. Maybe as there was a lot of people invited to the launch party, cause food was being delivered at different pace and unfortunately half our party was served while the other waited over an hour before service.

This was mentioned to the organisers and while I appreciate it was their second week, better coordination would have definitely made my experience more memorable..

While there was a little hiccup in relation to the service from the waitresses that night, I didn’t let it spoil my evening and I’m ready to book my next bingo night out with my friends!

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Marrakesh – Morocco

This February I travelled to Marrakesh to attend the wedding of my good friend and watching her get hitched to the lovely Steve- I wish you both many many years of blissful marriage!

This was the first time I have ever visited, travelling alone, I was a little hesitant from all the stories I have heard, and to be honest, if you are reckless or a little careless there are ways in which you could make yourself a target to those seeking a free picket from you. SO, remember wherever you are keep your wits with you, don’t leave them at home, you’ll need them!.

So, lets get back to the holiday, so the first part was dedicated to the wedding, but the rest of the time I had lots of time to explore and if I am honest, I really should of planned my excursions better, I mean I could of done a trip to the Sahara desert if I arranged this before I left- look you live and you learn- as I don’t think that you can spend more than 3 days there without feeling you have been there and done that.

I stayed at Dar (not a Riad) called Dar Tasnime which was about 10 minutes walk from the main square Jemaa el-fna where every route will lead you to a different part of the souks, so make sure you get a map and don’t look lost! The owner of the Dar I stayed was a host of information and tips and hints to make your stay safe and enjoyable. Chakib the owner lives there with his wife and two daughters, if you are looking for reviews, find me on Tripadvisor where I wrote a review on my stay. I would really recommend this location if you are not looking to stay in the hustle and bustle of the souks but not too far to head into it if you are looking for a bargain or two!

Ok, the Souks, let me tell you that its not as scary as you think and if you do get lost most store owners are helpful- be careful not all of them- though to be honest most of them just want you to go into their shops to buy something. If you are looking to buy, please remember ‘haggle’ unless the prices are listed then there are no haggling required (my favourite-only cause I’m not very good at haggling, I must have the words easy target to rip off across my forehead!) My tip would be is to not engage with random people who are offering to help you, as I was told by Chakib that they want to lead you astray and then ask you for money to get you back to the path you was looking for. A few people at the wedding I attended had some scary experiences and I am sure they were the exception rather than then norm, cause I never experience anything like what they did. 

To be honest I think that due to the culture of the Moroccan people they are very respectful to women and yes, I had a few store owners hassle me, which happens in most tourist places I have visited, they would normally leave you alone as long as you remember to say ‘no’ or ‘next time’ with a smile. Remember you are on holiday so don’t get too worked up, I think people forget that while the flights to Marrakesh is just over 3 hours away, we are in Africa and the culture is different and as long as we respect their culture they too will return the favour!

Some of the best tourist attraction I visited which I love I have listed below and I will do a separate review on them, so please come back later as I promise I will try to get them up on my blog.

1- Jardin Majorelle

2-Medersa Ben Youssef- The Oldest School in Marrakesh

3- Saadian Tombs

4- Palais El Badii

5- Palais de le Bahia

6- Secret Garden

7- Musee de Marrakesh

8- New Town- in case you get bored of Tagines

There was definitely a lot more places to visit and explore.