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Make over Saturday

What better way to spend a Saturday with friends shopping and then getting a free make over from Chanel. Yeah, I said free!


So, me and my friend were just walking around Spitafieds market on a rainy Saturday afternoon and walked past the newish Chanel Store and noticed they had a free 15 minutes make up experience.

We had a quick chat with the ladies there to find out if they can give us the makeover and to decide which one would be best for us depending on our make up needs.

When they mentioned the Chanel Healthy Glow- we were sold!

We were given a one to one with the consultant who talked us through all the products they will be using and all why they are doing it and what benefits they are. ( I mean this is one way for them to showcase their new make up collection)

I felt the make up was very natural (be it a little heavy for me as I prefer a more lighter coverage and not as dewy) but I took a few selfies (like you do when you’ve had a makeover!) and I found it very glowy and natural and picture very well..


However if you are looking to update your new make up or even skin care or fragrance then pop into any stand alone store (doesn’t have to be a Chanel) and have a chat, make sure that you do ask for sample especially for foundation as you want to see how it looks in natural daylight before investing in a £36 bottle.

Have fun girls (or boys!)