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Major X Ploe-Shun returns 

Agent November revised Major X Ploe-Shun game incorporates new puzzles and clues to enhance your experience within this escape game bases within Tavistock Square Park.
A great game to play in the London summer sunshine, you are briefed by an agent explaining that Major X Ploe-Shun has returned to his evil ways and in order for you to save London you must find the bomb and deactivate it before it blows!
You have 60 minutes to find the clues which are located  within this beautiful park… Be aware of the red herring leading you astray..

The clues requires teamwork.. Also a big clue would be to read your clues out loud, it really works trust me!
The game really brings the players together and that working together is the only way journey will be able to figure things out and save the day.

I just admit there were a little hiccups along the way. . Such as a key I found was for one of the safes but I managed to open a clue box instead.. It was funny seeing our games master trying to find an excuse why it happen. Jason our games master was so engaging, he really brought the character to life.

Oh, start thinking of a code name as you will need one when you play.. Be inventive and enjoy!

This time round we managed to save London from the dreaded bomb…. 12 mins to spare! Woot Woot…

Thanks again for Love Pop Up London for organising another great escape game experience.

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Canal boat cruise picnic? Yes please!  

When I was asked if I would be interested in cruising down the canal from Paddington basin, to Camden, I couldn’t help but jumped a little in excitement.. I have never done a canal cruise, I mean I have seen the canal boats all long the London canals.. But driving a boat down.. Now that’s something you don’t do everyday.

Now, Go Boat is the only self drive electric power boating experience in London, this is a follow up on the success Go Boat had in Scandinavia.
The journey take place by Merchant Square nearest station I would say is Edgware road station.

You can book various hours, however we think that a minimum of two hours are required.. We had two hours on our trip and you really don’t know where they go.. I mean when they said time flies when you are having fun.. They didn’t exaggerate!

Just in case you think that they let all these Londoners loose on the canals of London.. Don’t worry.. We have all been briefed of all the tight squeeze and  things to avoid as well as a map to merrily bobbing along the canals towards Camden Town. Apparently this journey should take no more than 60 mins.. Well, let’s just say we wanted to get to Camden but may not have made it in the two hours we had.

It’s such a difference experience to see London from a different side.. Passing little Venice, along Regents Park, where you can spot a few zoo animals.. It just makes anyone so happy.

Our trip was also filled with lovely drinks provided by Fentimans I have always loved their delicious Ginger Beer, I didn’t even know that they do alcoholic drinks.. The pre mixed Gin and tonic.. Was delicious.. The drinks are all organically brewed and most are gluten free too!

Together with vegetable crips from Emily’s Crisp a healthy and yummy treat for the cruise. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon picnic experience.

I loved the experience and would love definitely be recommending it to friends and family, looking to enjoy a different side of London. Thanks again to Jo from @lovepopupslondon for the invite.

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Make over Saturday

What better way to spend a Saturday with friends shopping and then getting a free make over from Chanel. Yeah, I said free!


So, me and my friend were just walking around Spitafieds market on a rainy Saturday afternoon and walked past the newish Chanel Store and noticed they had a free 15 minutes make up experience.

We had a quick chat with the ladies there to find out if they can give us the makeover and to decide which one would be best for us depending on our make up needs.

When they mentioned the Chanel Healthy Glow- we were sold!

We were given a one to one with the consultant who talked us through all the products they will be using and all why they are doing it and what benefits they are. ( I mean this is one way for them to showcase their new make up collection)

I felt the make up was very natural (be it a little heavy for me as I prefer a more lighter coverage and not as dewy) but I took a few selfies (like you do when you’ve had a makeover!) and I found it very glowy and natural and picture very well..


However if you are looking to update your new make up or even skin care or fragrance then pop into any stand alone store (doesn’t have to be a Chanel) and have a chat, make sure that you do ask for sample especially for foundation as you want to see how it looks in natural daylight before investing in a £36 bottle.

Have fun girls (or boys!)

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Mister Q-Cluequest

IMG_20170531_183919IMG_20170531_185335So, I think I found an escape room with the most padlocks ever! Cluequest in London

I love the fact that the first part of the brief included how to open the said locks. As from a personal experience I have been that person who tried the right combination but just can’t get that lock open.. So I totally appreciate the quick lesson.


Before heading to the room you are briefed to what the story is all about, listen carefully as everything is and could be a clue… Mister Q needs your help and there are two roles which needs to be allocated before you start! Just to say the game we played was Plan52


Heading into the room, I wasn’t sure that, this was it, as it’s quite small, but filled with lots of clues to get you started . my one recommendation is that you need to write everything down.  I love the fact that there are so many different objects that each of your team members could get involved in. As I’ve been to a game that was so linear based that you cannot move on until you have solved one.. Which mean that there will be time when some of the players have nothing to do.

Not ClueQuest, there’s always something for everyone to participate in. As in all escape rooms, the less I tell you about the room, the more fun you will have.

Another tip is to be vigilant and work together.. Remember in all escape rooms everything matters!

Our team managed to escape with 7 minutes 53 seconds to spare. Our games master praised us we didn’t needed any clues from them.. I’ve never completed an escape room without any clues.. Team, we did good! (p. s you get a free picture magnet if you didn’t need clues.. Well that’s what he said.. So I’m sticking with it!)

Thanks, to ClueQuest for the amazing game and also love pop up London for inviting me to challenge and improve team work..also thanks to Jo for the champagne prize, of course we shared our prize.. That’s what we call teamwork!

It’s a great game for both beginners (you don’t need any prior experience) and advanced players..

I recommended this game to work as a great team build activity.. So let’s see if take me up on it, if so, as Arnie, once said.. ‘I’ll be back’ lol


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Street Art and food- East End adventures -Brick Lane

People say East of London is so varied in its culture and food, that everytime you visit, you’ll usually find something different to take home with you.. Be it a bagel from Beigel bake.. (trust me the queue outside moved quickly and you definitely want to join it ASAP!) I recommend the salt beef with pickles and mustard.. Nothing less should do. A vintage piece from the numerous vintage stores and markets.


If you fancy a touch of shopping, vintage stores galore surrounds you.. There are a host of stalls from different vendors looking to sell you some of their own handmade CRAFTS (remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure) obviously I follow this to a tee.. .. If you are looking for one off gifts? This has to be the place.

So, on my usual walk down brick Lane, I saw a car turning into a narrow lane, and being curious.. I followed (don’t worry it was daylight) and there were other tourists heading the same way.. And was like a hidden,  street art affair.  Watching an artist at work is amazing and the artwork on display in this car park area is totally worth a visit..


I recommend that you all take a stroll and see what other kinds of street art you can find..

In the meantime don’t miss out on the food markets, the one by the Truman brewery has so many varieties., Indian, Thai, Malaysian, burgers, Carribean, Japanese.. You name it, they have it..

So, I guess I’ll  look forward to seeing you down on Brick Lane someday..



The Ordinary- A Deciem Brand


My mother once said to me that “look after your skin and you will thank me later!” I was 18, I thought what!!

However now that I am much older and hopefully wiser.. I have learnt to love my skin care routine and being an active beauty blogger follower,, there are a lot of high end and the so called drugstore.. (I’m talking anything that’s not sold in department stores.. so let’s imagine, Boots, Superdrug, Lush, and The Body shop, and heck why not your local chemist store too!) So there is always something available to you regardless of your budget.

Now what I want to introduce you to is my new favourite skincare brand.. Now I was hesitant in writing this, because, firstly, i didn’t want everyone to go and buy it and stock running out and trust me they have really exploded so you will be lucky to find a store that is fully stocked!

So Deciem, is a umbrella brand with a few different brands under it (these include; Niod, Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, The Ordinary, Stemm, Fountain, HIF, White RX and AB Crew) it’s a really big umbrella!!


I don’t call myself a beauty blogger cause I am only going on my experience of using one of their brands The Ordinary. This is one of their most affordable brand and I totally recommend that if any of you are interested in finding out more, pop into one of their stores to speak to their consultants and they can recommend some products which are more suited to your skin needs.

There is currently only one store in London, however there will be another opening soon in Covent Garden so watch this space…so the other one is based in Spitafields market.. That little store is always packed with consumers piled high with products that they want to take home with them. There is a good reason for this as it really works!!

So, with so many skincare out there, why this brand? As a person with sensitive and oily T-Zone, I need products that gives me the results I want without compromising on what I put on my skin just because I am not spending hundreds of £££ on them. So one thing I like is that the products do not contain any parabens and sulphates or mineral oils… these are usually the fillers used by other cheaper brands out there.. Now what I want you all to do is to go into your bathroom and have a look at the back of ingredients list and let me know how many of those are mention in the skincare that you use… and don’t be fooled just because it’s expensive it doesn’t automatically mean they haven’t.. It will mean that their active ingredients are more expensive due to the cost of research on them.

So what I have been trying? Well, my favourite one so far is the Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5, as you may or may not know Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body so putting it back it definitely help with keeping your skin hydrated and plumped and that is one word I am loving!



Another one I have tried is the Vitamin C Suspension 23% +HA Spheres 2%, ok this one I would not recommend using more than once a week as its strong! I have used this for over a month now and my skins loves it… what I do is use this with my Hyaluronic acid and this act as an effective antioxidant and can help reverse signs of ageing while also brightening the skin…I use this at night time and when I wake up my skin is as soft as a baby bottom.. Trust me you want this! and when you think about an exfoliator in the Boots can cost around £3-£5, this one comes in a reasonable £4.90, so you aren’t breaking the bank,… and what Deciem does is that if you buy it and it doesn’t work for you, they will be happy to exchange or refund this as long as you keep your receipt so it’s like 100% money back guarantee..

I have just ran out of my Hyaluronic Acid, so the last weekend I popped in I was recommended Buffet which is a multi-technology peptide serum.. I’ve only started using it.. So will have a more better review later.. However I think that this is a part of the market that we are missing and I am so glad that I found it.


So why not give it a go and let me know what you have tried and are loving right now!

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Musical with a naughty twist

So, when Joanne from Love pop up London posted about this new theatrical show at the Vault Theatre and was looking for open minded people to come and review the show, I said “heck yes! I’m there”.

The show ‘Miss Nightingale’ a Mr Bugg Presents Productions, the show based during the second world war of around 1942, a story a young singer / nurse called Maggie Brown. Maggie an aspiring singer was looking for a platform to share her musical talent, together with a gay Polish Jew songwriter, George- trust me you will learn to love him-break into the entertainment industry with songs that would knock a smile on even the saddest of faces.
The story while comical also had an underlying touch of how society deals with homosexuality. While keeping the story lighthearted, the writer managed to address people’s behaviour towards this in a real and honest view.
Many of songs preformed was definitely what I would call tongue in cheek, so, if you embarrass easily, then be warned, the sexual innuendo flows smoothly in a “wow, did she really just say that?”, if you ask me my favourite of the night was definitely the ‘sausage song’- have a listen and you will understand why!
Its been a very long time since I have seen anything that while only having 6 characters in the whole show, each and everyone of them really show their vocal and musical talent as each will and could play a few instruments.
One thing I would say is that theres definitely no heating in the theatre, so make sure you keep your jacket on and maybe a scarf in case you get chilly, drinks was reasonable- cash only- so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the show!
Thank you for the show Miss Nightingale, find out more