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Revolution – Are you ready to partake?

Joe-Ball-Revolution-Supporting-Image01-1459x1280Revolution an Exit Productions limited currently hosted at the Vaults in Unit 9 along the corridors of Leake Street. Their aim is to find the perfect medium between game and theatre.

The game allows the audiences to experience the pressures of leadership, and making  political decisions. So if you ever want to know how it feel like sitting at Number 10. Well why not?IMG_20180315_183254

So how does it work you ask? Upon entering the underground arches, you are asked three questions and depending on what answers you give you will be placed into different fraction. Each of them will be based on the belief you share in your team. So if you came in a group you may be split up, but don’t worry you won’t be too far away.IMG_20180315_212449_119

The game, involves tactical thinking, gaming and team work, while bringing the interactive experience with the actors involved in setting the story and scene.

There are eight rounds in which your fraction will need to think tactically as well anticipating what the other fraction will do.. How can you turn those against you to with you? How, and who will lead after the government has left?

The experience is one you could really get your teeth into, with each round you could be involved in writing a new law to be passed, a democratic vote of leadership and a tactical one of attack and /or defence. A great way to spend one ‘s evening. Just a side note they start on time so don’t be late! Just like the theatre no late comers will be allowed entry.

📷 credit @lovepopupslondon 

Thanks to @lovepopupslondon and @thevaultsuk for the amazing experience.

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Dinner Time Story London- a multisensory dinning extravaganza

IMG_20180207_190524You know when you was little your parents always tells you never to play with your food, well at Dinner Time Story London. Here, they encourage you to join them in a immersive visual and sound experience where not only are you able to feast on beautifully  designed six courses of delights together with five different cocktail to compliment the different courses.Vrolijk still chef 002_preview

You are cordially invited to join Le petit chef on his journey along the silk road where each and every destination provides him with the inspiration for the six courses to tantalise your tastebuds and visually putting you in awe of his travel journeys.Marco Polo Still 030_preview

So, how did this all begin? Dinner Time Story first graced the interest of the media world with a launch in UAE, then at the Dubai World Trade Centre before moving to London. The multisensory projected based dinner show is the latest pop up to grace London food culture. Currently the story is based on the traveller Marco Polo and his journey along the silk road. We have been told that a new story is due to be launched in September this year so if you have been before you may want to go back and see what new exploration they have waiting for you.

IMG_20180207_195100Imagine you are in a country where culinary excellence is a given, how does one excite the palate of their diners? Well Le petit chef, had an idea, he will visit all the countries along the silk road, where he will journey across countries such as Egypt, Arabia, China, India and back to Europe. Here he encounters spices, flavours and smells which he hope to bring back home and make them into dishes which will delight dinners and exposing them to the different cuisines of those places he has travelled to.IMG_20180207_192336

We follow him through a two hour 3D dining concept of his journey. Every single course is accompanied with visual, sounds, table probs and decorations and a cocktail which is suppose to take you along with him on his epic journey. Where he gathers new ingredients and cooking methods to not only bring your tastebuds alight, but also the visual effects dazzles and the sound of ooh and ahh come aplenty.IMG_20180207_201106

The dining experience cost £95.00 per person, and for me, I believe this is totally worth the money? why? Well, each diner has their own story book where they follow Le Petit chef along his journey, six amazingly cooked courses and lets not forget the six deliciously tasty cocktails (for those non drinkers, the bar staff are able to conjure up the same mocktails for you so you don’t look out of place at all.)IMG_20180207_195439

Dinner Time Story London is currently being hosted at TT Liquor along Kinsgland Road, in Shoreditch, their residency is currently planned until the end of April, but do watch this space!

Another touch to their experience is that every course comes with a notebook where each diner is encouraged to jot down their feelings and experience of the night. I must say, without any moderation of what is written in these notebook, there are some comments which I can’t share and I hope they remove as spoilers and unusual comments does put a damper in the experience.luca_lombardi_petit_chef-7294_01 - edited_preview

I would also like to thank the waiting staff, who were extremely accommodating, as there was some items which I could not eat (allergies) and they were happy to exchange them with no question asked.

If you like me, enjoy capturing your dining experience on camera, then please make sure its fully charged as there are some special moments you do not want to miss!

I went along to this as part of Love Pop Up London however all comments and reviews are my own. Thanks again for inviting me along this amazing delightful journey!

So, I know you are all asking? how do you book? follow this link HERE Enjoy!



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No Escape London, are you afraid of the Dentist?

received_10156217634282664A dental theme escape room located in heart of Oxford Street London. Is where you will find No Escape London

The creators have based this room on what most people fear, yes, a visit to the dentist, and with a killer dentist at large are you ready to get acquainted?

Like most escape room the first you need to do is find the escape room. This one is a tad tricky as it is based within the Londis shop and without clear signage, hence can get a tad confusing.  Also if you have a fear of tight and bear vertical staircase, then this is my preferred warning to you.

There also isn’t a waiting area as such  so please don’t get there too early as you may find yourself waiting near the downstairs tattoo parlour.

We had 5 in our group and the game itself is not linear which means that everyone will have something to do and get their teeth stuck in (get it? Bad pun I know!) A group of 6 can play for £110, and there’s definitely enough props inside to enlighten those defective senses.

For those starry eyed may notice the props have a certain familiarity with a certain zombie inspired show?

Our group escaped with 9 minutes to spare, a little pre-warning is that the game master has a special way to deliver the clues.. Don’t jump!

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for the invite to indulge my love for escape room.


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Escape the Butcher’s Lair!

IMG_20180116_184659I must say the entrance to this escape room is not for the faint hearted.. Especially if blood splattered hands and hanging body parts isn’t your cup of tea. A linear game where each and every puzzle really challenge the escapee and encourages team work and communication.


If you have a jumpy team member then hold their hands as they’ll need it!IMG_20180116_201337

Definitely one game which challenge, though I think having more puzzles on the go will be more interesting to the other players as there may be time that some people had nothing to do..


I love the way they release the clues to you by way of an iPad which only decodes with a selection of random numbers..

They have four rooms in total so would definitely be in going back to try some of the other rooms

Thanks again to @lovepopupslondon and @breakinescaperooms for the experience.

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clueQuest- the revenge of the Sheep!

Now, have I experience one too many escape rooms since the phenomenon started early this year? .. has that made me an expert? or have I lost the love for it? No, no and no! is my answers.
I was invited back to try to solve the third room at ClueQuest, where our team need to find the hidden venom that when exposed will turn all of the human race into sheeps…baa baa you say!

📷 @jenjenbxl
This final room is no walk through as my team discovered, they have also up the ante, with high tech gadgets to challenge those who think they are IT savvy and escape rooms are for kids. Think again mister!

This was one of the hardest room I have been into, with some of the clues, our team felt was a little unclear? confusing? or was that just us?

As usual, I cant give away too much, but I can tell you that only 20% of people will be able to escape within the 60 minutes allocated. We needed an extra 10 minutes to escape, but we did it!!

If you love a challenge then ClueQuest is the place to go, with currently three rooms and a fourth in preparation, you never know, one day, you may get locked in!

📷 @jenjenbxl
Again, thanks to Love Pop Ups and ClueQuest for the invite.. I will be back!


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Beauty and the feast-immersive dinning experience 


Is it a pantomine or not, that is the question?

This is not your average panto, if you are thinking of bringing the kiddies- under 18 is definitely not recommended! so leave the kids at home, and come with the mindset of having fun.

This experience is from the people Darling & Edge who have previously brought us some of the coolest events and immersive experience, think, Gingerline, Alice in Wonderland and the Old Vic Tunnels.

📷 credit @shinylifeforme

Ok, when I think of this, this is definitely no panto, more of a culinary cabaret experience, based loosely on the story of Beauty and the Beast (remember, I said loosely!) The story is played out amidst food, cocktails and amazing interactive set (hey, I think they have definitely built up their experiences!) FYI- people say a little, I say more than a little bit of adult humour thrown into the mix.

The entrance to this venue is via the tunnel walk way, so that get lost…

Once in, your senses will be hit buy actors dressed up to, men, women, animals, you name it, they had it, the dinning room was upstairs and if you needed the restroom, you will need to pass it, but to maintain the surprise, they had actors to lead you blindfolded through.. or you can just close your eyes.. no biggie.. don’t peak!

📷 credit @thevaults

The feast was a sharing experience, there was definitely enough food to go around.. my favourite was the cheesecake– and nope it was not my dessert! It felt like the course never stopped coming- they had cocktails for brave, fairy liquid was a goodie!

📷 credit @thevaults
Once you have completed your feast, that’s when the story hits the high points and the party really gets on the way- bring your dancing shoes as you will surely be needing it!

Thanks again to Jo from Love Pop Ups London for another great immersive experience and the people from the Vaults for the tasty and fun experience.

📷 @thevaults
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Secret cellar, and underground experience. 

I was kindly invited to attend a performance at the vaulty Towers at Waterloo.. It’s not normally a venue I have experienced.. The decor I say is eclectic, it’s a miss mash of anything and everything put together.. One area had period clothing, the other is covered in ivy and gargoyles and  skulls around.. I think if I didn’t need to be here I wouldn’t have found it.

The bar had a great choice of drinks available so that should definitely keep the punters happy.

There was a little misunderstanding on my part I must add.. That I turned up for the wrong performance.. But the previous show was running 45 mins late (that was the show I missed!) so there was a little bit of a wait.. However the crew was very accommodating and allowed me to see the next show instead.. I didn’t know where the show was going to be held as it wasn’t obvious.. But when the time came.. The cellar door open leading to a basement area where the performers were waiting.. It’s not a proper state more set up like a front room with miss match furniture.. No seating plan.. Just huddle together was the instructions.

The comedy sketch was based on improvisation.. So audience participation was important and I enjoy these as you do feel part of the performance and you can lead it and there was a code word ‘die’ if you don’t like where the sketch was going.. Call me a control freak.. But that sense of control is really enjoyable for me..

The MC Michael said that going forward they will have more guest performances so I would be interested in going back to see more..

Please note I attended this as a promotional event however all reviews are my own.. Thanks to @lovepopupslondon for arranging this and also secret cellar for the performance.