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Major X Ploe-Shun returns 

Agent November revised Major X Ploe-Shun game incorporates new puzzles and clues to enhance your experience within this escape game bases within Tavistock Square Park.
A great game to play in the London summer sunshine, you are briefed by an agent explaining that Major X Ploe-Shun has returned to his evil ways and in order for you to save London you must find the bomb and deactivate it before it blows!
You have 60 minutes to find the clues which are located  within this beautiful park… Be aware of the red herring leading you astray..

The clues requires teamwork.. Also a big clue would be to read your clues out loud, it really works trust me!
The game really brings the players together and that working together is the only way journey will be able to figure things out and save the day.

I just admit there were a little hiccups along the way. . Such as a key I found was for one of the safes but I managed to open a clue box instead.. It was funny seeing our games master trying to find an excuse why it happen. Jason our games master was so engaging, he really brought the character to life.

Oh, start thinking of a code name as you will need one when you play.. Be inventive and enjoy!

This time round we managed to save London from the dreaded bomb…. 12 mins to spare! Woot Woot…

Thanks again for Love Pop Up London for organising another great escape game experience.

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Canal boat cruise picnic? Yes please!  

When I was asked if I would be interested in cruising down the canal from Paddington basin, to Camden, I couldn’t help but jumped a little in excitement.. I have never done a canal cruise, I mean I have seen the canal boats all long the London canals.. But driving a boat down.. Now that’s something you don’t do everyday.

Now, Go Boat is the only self drive electric power boating experience in London, this is a follow up on the success Go Boat had in Scandinavia.
The journey take place by Merchant Square nearest station I would say is Edgware road station.

You can book various hours, however we think that a minimum of two hours are required.. We had two hours on our trip and you really don’t know where they go.. I mean when they said time flies when you are having fun.. They didn’t exaggerate!

Just in case you think that they let all these Londoners loose on the canals of London.. Don’t worry.. We have all been briefed of all the tight squeeze and  things to avoid as well as a map to merrily bobbing along the canals towards Camden Town. Apparently this journey should take no more than 60 mins.. Well, let’s just say we wanted to get to Camden but may not have made it in the two hours we had.

It’s such a difference experience to see London from a different side.. Passing little Venice, along Regents Park, where you can spot a few zoo animals.. It just makes anyone so happy.

Our trip was also filled with lovely drinks provided by Fentimans I have always loved their delicious Ginger Beer, I didn’t even know that they do alcoholic drinks.. The pre mixed Gin and tonic.. Was delicious.. The drinks are all organically brewed and most are gluten free too!

Together with vegetable crips from Emily’s Crisp a healthy and yummy treat for the cruise. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon picnic experience.

I loved the experience and would love definitely be recommending it to friends and family, looking to enjoy a different side of London. Thanks again to Jo from @lovepopupslondon for the invite.

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DA VINCI – an escape room experience 

Photo credit Escape Games London 

Now, I don’t call myself an expert.. Seeing I have only done what? 5 escape room so far.. And this one from Escape Land is very different to the rest..they have two rooms at their venue, we played the Da VINCI game. 
The games are suitable for teams of 3-6 players. I think any lower than two would make the game difficult to play. 

The clues can vary in difficulties and I have found out that mathematical clues are ones I should stay well clear off! 

Photo credit Escape Games London 

For this game a lot of team work is required and talking and working together is key! A lot of the clue requires interaction and great communication skills to get you through.. There will be no quiet moments here! 

Photo credit Escape Games London

There are  no shortages of clues to keep the group entertained and you are given a walkie talkie to communicate with your games master.. We did extremely well in only requiring two clues from our gamesmater so we are very proud and we made it out just in time.. Phew!!! 

This is one game I would totally recommend to newbie playing for the first time and experienced players as there will always be games and clues you have never tackled before.. 

Photo credit.. @bambibluedo

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London for an amazing night of clue solving  and team building… If you are looking for a team build exercise for work.. An escape room is one to challenge the mind and team.. Bring it on! 

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Immersive experience? Secret Theatre-Project Mayhem

Photo credit Secret Studio Lab

Secret cinema has brought the movies to life and brought  us closer to the film maker vision.. So what’s difference here? The Secret Theatre – Project Mayhem is the return from Secret Studio Lab. An immersive theatre experience which as soon as you get into the door of the entrance the actors area in character and you have to comply. Don’t forget your password!! 
I won’t give too much details on the movie or show its based on, but regulars will grasp it as soon as they are inside..there is a dress code, so participate as you see fit.. 

Photo credit Secret Studio Lab

This was my first immersive experience and I admit I was a little confused as to what we had to do.. The venue was huge, but I felt the activities didn’t occupy the space we’ll enough and some areas were inundated with people, while others looked bare. 

You are put into groups and are given task to complete.. It’s a great way to meet new people some are newbies and some love the immersive experience. 

I put my hands down to the actors in this, they did an amazing job and really brought it to life for us.. In our group, we had a mole.. It was so much fun seeing how the story plays out.. 

Photo credit Secret Studio Lab

For me personally, I didn’t enjoy the film it was based on.. But that’s just me.. However the whole experience has given me a taste and if I was to pick a movie I did like, I would really like to get stuck in.. 
Thanks to Love Pop Up London for the opportunity and Secret Studio Lab for the taster.. It had definitely made me think twice when watching my next movie! 

P. S we weren’t allowed any pictures so these are pictures from Secret Studio Lab 

Photo credit Secret Studio Lab
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Make over Saturday

What better way to spend a Saturday with friends shopping and then getting a free make over from Chanel. Yeah, I said free!


So, me and my friend were just walking around Spitafieds market on a rainy Saturday afternoon and walked past the newish Chanel Store and noticed they had a free 15 minutes make up experience.

We had a quick chat with the ladies there to find out if they can give us the makeover and to decide which one would be best for us depending on our make up needs.

When they mentioned the Chanel Healthy Glow- we were sold!

We were given a one to one with the consultant who talked us through all the products they will be using and all why they are doing it and what benefits they are. ( I mean this is one way for them to showcase their new make up collection)

I felt the make up was very natural (be it a little heavy for me as I prefer a more lighter coverage and not as dewy) but I took a few selfies (like you do when you’ve had a makeover!) and I found it very glowy and natural and picture very well..


However if you are looking to update your new make up or even skin care or fragrance then pop into any stand alone store (doesn’t have to be a Chanel) and have a chat, make sure that you do ask for sample especially for foundation as you want to see how it looks in natural daylight before investing in a £36 bottle.

Have fun girls (or boys!)

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Trampoline fun at Flip Out London E6


Let me just start and say, I didn’t think that I would have as much fun as I did that night I discovered FlipOut London especially their East Ham venue.


The location is a disused bingo hall so it’s huge! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the front of house staff who make sure once you have signed your disclaimer, you are handed with an luminous green socks and your coloured wrist bands (depending on the number of hours you’ve booked).


Before you are let loose on the trampolines you need to watch a quick 4 minutes video of the do’s and don’t’s to keep you and the everyone else safe to enjoy their day.


Let me tell you that if you thought it was just a trampoline park, you are so wrong.. I mean so wrong..


This is like an adventure playground for young and old.. At the introductory video you’ll be guided through the map of the venue and there’s a lot to see and do.. Let me name a few for you.. Laser quest, ninjas warrior, foam pit, duel pit (I’m very proud that I managed to stay on against my opponent for at 3 minutes!) a 30ft vertical drop slide that scared the daylights out me due to the initial push you have to do to slide down.. Someone help me!! .. (p.s I chicken out).

A climbing arena and a 100 metres cave and potholing experience.  I must advise is that it’s an enclosure with lots of twist and turns and there are times you have to go head first.. So for those who aren’t as brave.. Maybe leave that to the more adventurous? I hear bruises are part of the experience? One thing is make sure you bring along your trainers as shoes and sandals are a no no if you want to participate in the climbing activities.


There are lots of viewings platforms and areas for those who just want to do the cheering. If you get hungry  they have three dining areas.


They specialise in holding kids and adult jump parties which can include food and a host to make sure your experience is unforgettable.. In the best way ever!

Our host on our visit was Charnelle and she was amazing. The food was good, like a diner, pizza, nanchos, salads and iced slushes..


For £12.00 you can use the trampolines and everything else available.. For £20 that gives you two hours of fun.. I think to try everything, you’re gonna need at least half a day to enjoy the venue.. But why limit yourself?? Split it up, do what you can and come back for more!


Thank you to Love Pop Up London and FlipOut London E6 for an amazing experience.. I will definitely be back with friends and family..

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Rooftop film club- Roof East


As summer rolls in the only thing you want to be doing is spending as much time as you can possibly managed outdoors.. So an offer of watching an iconic film in the great outdoors is one hard offer to refuse. Enter the Roof East at the Stratford Centre. A roof top pop up running on similar themes to those such as pergola in Shepherds Bush and Paddington.


However, there’s one difference, they do not have the Roof top Film club screening their movies. Complete with deck chairs and a blanket to keep you warm on those breezy summer nights (trust me, you need it).


As this is an open venue and the roof is filled with drinkers, punters and pizzas/ burger eating crowd, you’ll will be glad of the headphones they provide to provide the soundtrack of the movie.


The screening was for 28 days later, a movie I’ve seen many moons ago, still bring slight goosebumps to me. I love the venue this is hosted, however, on warm nights there is a queue to get onto the roof too so make sure you have your booking details at the ready.. Or else you may miss the start of your movie.

I will say those deck chairs looks great but after an hour and half I was feeling a strain on my back.. I might try out the couple chairs as they do look a tad more comfy?


Just a note, it’s more atmospheric if they start the movie after sunset so the movie may start a little later than planned so be aware of that.

Armed with a blanket and popcorn, and a drink (the booth only sells wine, however with a bar on the rooftop, there’s no short supply of beverage to suit the fussiest of punters!) I was ready to sit back and relax and enjoy my film. A great date night option I totally recommend it to groups of friends as well.

I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy the great outdoors?

Thanks to Jo from Love Pop ups London and Rooftop Film club for a great night out!