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Yakiniku-Japanese BBQ- Sakagura LND


So why settle for the usual bangers and burgers on a the barbie when you can have Wagu beef, short ribs, Ox tongue, seafood such as prawns, squid and scallops on the menu?

What am I talking about is the Yakiniku experience from Sakagura LDN which is the more upmarket branch of Shoryru. The venue on Heddon Street just of Regents Street is like a hidden gem of food galore and places for a quick drink or drinking outdoors while you watch the sun going down in the heart of the West end.


So let’s get to the food.. The menu normally £30pp minimum order is for two person.(I would it’s a tad over priced for the quantities. However for the experience and ambience of the setting, maybe…)  The price includes, as a starter, Japanese rice, salad and miso soup.. Before the Bbq is served each person can pick three items from their meat, seafood and veggie options.. I will recommend for the price to order the meats and we definitely recommend the Australian Wagu beef, this is an additional £3 per portion ,we asked our waiter which one he would recommend, sirloin or cubes.. Apparently one is diced.. Lol.. Well we went for the Australian Wagu sirloin and it was amazing!

We tried the Wagu, short ribs, chicken thighs, Ox tongue, prawns and scallops. We felt the quantity and quality  of meat was great and the experience of cooking the meat at the table really heighten the experience. The traditional stove that you use to cook really feels like a traditional experience.


To end the meat feast, the process include a scoop of icecream where you get to pick from the following flavours.. Sakagura last vanilla, dark chocolate wasabi and my favourite soya sauce caramel.

P. S did I mention the happy hour cocktails? 2-4-1 5pm-7pm Monday to Friday.. £15.00 each normally


P. P. S just to mention if you head over to Sakagura website they have the Yakiniku meal for 2-4-1 until the end of July.. I know it’s not long to go.. But better late than never.. Download the voucher and grab a friend.

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Street Art and food- East End adventures -Brick Lane

People say East of London is so varied in its culture and food, that everytime you visit, you’ll usually find something different to take home with you.. Be it a bagel from Beigel bake.. (trust me the queue outside moved quickly and you definitely want to join it ASAP!) I recommend the salt beef with pickles and mustard.. Nothing less should do. A vintage piece from the numerous vintage stores and markets.


If you fancy a touch of shopping, vintage stores galore surrounds you.. There are a host of stalls from different vendors looking to sell you some of their own handmade CRAFTS (remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure) obviously I follow this to a tee.. .. If you are looking for one off gifts? This has to be the place.

So, on my usual walk down brick Lane, I saw a car turning into a narrow lane, and being curious.. I followed (don’t worry it was daylight) and there were other tourists heading the same way.. And was like a hidden,  street art affair.  Watching an artist at work is amazing and the artwork on display in this car park area is totally worth a visit..


I recommend that you all take a stroll and see what other kinds of street art you can find..

In the meantime don’t miss out on the food markets, the one by the Truman brewery has so many varieties., Indian, Thai, Malaysian, burgers, Carribean, Japanese.. You name it, they have it..

So, I guess I’ll  look forward to seeing you down on Brick Lane someday..



My Old Place-Chinese restaurant

So, looking for something different to try, my friends keep saying, so here I was googling places to eat in Liverpool St. Behold, My Old Place pop up, I have heard of this place before from some friends who have been and recommended. I always judge the authenticity of a restaurant depending on the punters eating inside. The day we visited was pouring down with rain so before we even checked out the diners inside we rushed in hoping they had a table for two. We were in luck.. Seated almost immediately, the decor was typical Chinese restaurants style, square tables  really hard chairs.. Packed together to get as many tables as they can.


So from the reviews, a lot of people mentioned the home made dumplings.. So we gave it a go.. We ordered the prawns, with eggs and chives, I can’t say that I was majorly impressed, I think I could definitely make better and these were what they called ‘water/soup dumplings’ so boiled in water or stock to cook.. I much prefer a steam version and I hear my favourite dumplings place is opening, so watch this space.. Reviews for that definitely coming soon. So back to these dumplings  the fillings was alright, but the skin was very thick and once it goes cold becomes extremely hard and very unappetising so eat them while they are not.. The dumplings doesn’t come with any sauces, they give you soya sauce, but I recommended asking for some vinegar. And mix your own concoction and if you can take some chillies add some in too!

My favourite dish would have to be the aubergine, we decided against the one with special sauce as we found out it was just a salty sauce. Can’t say that sounded like something I wanted to try. Instead we ordered aubergine cooked with minced pork, stir fried with some chillies sauce.


Next up, we tried the chef special which was fish cooked in chilly oil, now don’t let this scare you, it’s made with szechuan pepper corns so it gives off a numbing effect.. Again not the best I’ve tried, but it’s definitely different and more to show off for tourists.


I think there was a lot more I wanted to try and having the two of us, was hard to get a real flavour of the place.. I suggest that if you do come bring some more friends. I would go back as I think our choices this time was a little lack luster and I’m sure there’s a lot more on offer..I hear their meat skewers are also very popular.

Oh tip, you don’t need a lot of rice, we ordered two and we couldn’t finish it.. And anyway, who needs carbs when you have dishes to finish!


Turkish dining in Soho

Spinach and Feta filo pastry
So when my friend told me about this Turkish restaurant in Soho, i was a little confused I mean I am used to the traditional China town, where everywhere you turn there is a Chinese restaurant waiting to take all your money away with hanging duck, pork and chicken in the window to entice you inside.
I mean you have the random Indian and pizza joint. Though looking around me these days, there are a feast of foodie places that will service even the trickiest of eater.
Well lets get back to this Turkish restaurant-Babaji Side Salonu on Shaftesbury Avenue, when we approached and notice the queue outside we know that there is a reason why there’s people queuing. We had to wait around 15 minutes which wasn’t too bad on a Saturday night without booking..
The restaurant was extremely busy and servers are rushed off their feet, we had to wait about another 10 minutes before we even got our drinks order put so when they came back we quickly ordered as being told the kitchen was very busy was enough for haste decisions so that we can eat asap as we were famish!
We started with fried calamari, then spinach with feta filo pastry, then I had the chicken shish served with bread and my companion had the lamb.
Fried Calamari served with garlic sauce
I must say that this isn’t the same as the ones I get back in North London – Green lanes, where great food with decent quantity with free flowing salad and bread, would definitely keep my heart.. Some even offer a free Turkish tea and dessert, but if I am ever craving the grilled Turkish meal in Soho, I would definitely be back!
Grilled lamb with Rice
Chicken Shish

A very Vegan experience

So, when Joanne from Love Pop Up London, ran a competition to give a vegan brunch menu a trial, I wasn’t too sure if that was my thing considering that I am that one person who if they haven’t eaten meat for the day, I feel really hungry. So, when a fellow blogger invited me to join her following her competition win, I was very intrigued, having recently been converted by Mildred’s another vegetarian restaurant, that vegetarian food isn’t just grilled mushrooms!
So here comes the Omni Collective, brunch experience, so I may hear some of you ask, are they the same people from Pesky’s? The answers my friend is YES! So if you are familiar with Pesky’s then you would have already met Jess and George. If not let me introduce them to you, Jess a vegetarian recent turned vegan together with her partner George decided to quit their respective jobs in the city to open up restaurant pop up serving food they love to eat and cook. So why the change of name? let me tell you…. When Jess and George first started Pesky’s this was because as vegetarians they would still eat some seafood and fish, hence Pestiterian = Pesky, however they realised that actually they didn’t really eat that many seafood, so the name Pesky no longer served it’s purpose with the pair. So behold, The Omni Collective was born!
Ok, ok, I know some of you are shouting get on with food part Jojo! Hold your horses, its coming! The brunch menu they do is a three course meal together with two alcoholic drinks- for those non drinkers, the drinks can be made virgin so please no panic! I can’t deal with that right now… The brunch if pre booked would cost you £22.00 however they do welcome passer by’s which will be £25.00 each. However based on where they are, the Yard, behind the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick is a place that unless you are in the know, you might miss it so I do wonder how people may just decide to turn up?
So what does the £22.00 brunch get you? well it is a set menu of three courses and the menu varies depending on the city it is themed after, today’s brunch was Mexico, so even the drinks reflect this, so there where A Bloody Maria (why Maria, cause a Mary has worcester sauce which unfortunately is not vegan!), Mimosa, and a Margarita.
For starters we had grilled mango’s served with salsa en polvo, next up was Taquitos with salsa verde,
guacamole,twiced cooked beans and coriander cream, ending the meal with churros, served with a blueberry compot, which really helps draw the meal to a close.
I must say that the servers were very pleasant and the atmosphere, very hip, however as bloggers, pictures were hard and we had to keep going outside to get better lighting, I guess we can’t win everything! The only comments I have would be the time we had to wait in between courses, after our plates were taken away we had to wait over 30 minutes before our main were served, note there was only two other tables at the same time, and in total they were cooking for 8 people in the restaurant.  I would hate to imagine how long I would have to wait if the restaurant was full?? Oh one thing I forgot was that I was kinda surprised that when a member of the group asked for coffee with milk being a vegan restaurant they only had whole milk? Really? I’m sure it was an oversight… So if you are reading this Jess.. Something to consider.
I conclude to say, that I would definitely consider more vegetarian and vegan options, as there are lots more options available and the flavours really hit home for watch out for more restaurant reviews..