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The Lost Passenger- will you be next?

IMG_20180717_184348I was invited back to Mission Breakout   second room after my visit over a year ago to trial their latest room of The Lost Passenger.

The story of the room is loosely based on a true story of a passenger who got off the train at South Kentish Town station back in 1924. Just after 1924 when this station closed, a train suddenly stopped at South Kentish Town  by mistake and a male passenger by the name of Mr Bracket got off and then the train departed, it is not known whether Mr Bracket escaped or has he been stucked there since 1924?

The room and game design did not disappoint, we was told that the design were from designers orginating from Russia, and every part of this new room really challenges the mind and phsyical abilities (Dont worry, there isn’t any heavy lifting involved).

As for most of my escape room reviews, I wont be able to give too much of the game away, however, be prepared to be ducking and crawling to your next destination so put away your glad rags and be prepared to get mucked in.

Team work is key and communication with your group is a must, there are lots of clues you will need to work together in order to solve the riddle and move on. The game is very linea and you must solve one clue before moving on to the next.

Our group escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare, and logical thinking and team work made sure we escape in the nick of time.

Due to the location of the rooms especially the last one,  and the summer heatwave London was having at the moment, it did get quite warm in the room, also as there was 6 of us in the rooms it got very uncomfortable at times. But hey let’s not complain too much about the weather here!

I would however recommend that due to some of the games where only one or two players can work on them at a time, the room should really hold a maxium of 4 players to give each players an opportunity to solve some of the puzzles/ clues.

Regardless, I really enjoy the game and totally recommend friends to come and challenge their wit and escape.

A good 4**** for me on this one!

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London for inviting me and some of the other Love Pop London crew to play. Please note while this experience is sponsored, all reviews are my own.


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Taken.. Can you save Bob?


A hostage theme room provided by Escape London at their Shadwell branch. Do you want to feel like Liam Nielson in trying to save you hostage Bob? Well lets see how good you are in solving the many clues and puzzles designed for you within this room.

Again as usual in all escape room, you and your team (max of 6 people) are locked in a room and the brief you have been provided is that your friend Bob has been “Taken” you have 60 minutes to find him and rescue him before the mysterious serial killer returns and takes you also. Now can you get out in time with Bob? Bob has been leaving you clues to his whereabouts, the clues leads you into an office in an engineering facility, is this just a normal office?

This is another great room from Escape London, they recommend that 2-6 players can play this room, we had 6 experienced players, Bianca,  Livi, Gemma, Laura, Jo and I feel that maybe 4-5 as a maximum is more preferred. Why? well you know how they say too many cooks spoils the broth? Well I personally feel when there are more people clues can be lost an example was one of us found a key (the other players tried some of the locks- however it never opened anything- but because there was so many of us, we got confused as to whether or not that key has already been used?) this cost us about 5 minutes at the end of the game. Thats just my thoughts, however we were all quite experienced players and maybe new players might not feel the same.

I really enjoyed all the clues and task involved and I felt the theme of the room really puts the player in the frame of mind. We managed to escape in 35 minutes again just a little shy off the leaders board.. Next time we shall conquer!

Now I really want to play the final game at the Shadwell location, Withcraft and Wizardry, I feel like they are one of the many companies that does an escape room really well!

An excellent team building event or a great experience with some friends, dont hesitate, if you have never experienced an escape room, trust me it can get very addictive!

This is another 4*out of 5 for me, so I totally recommend it!

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London and Escape London for the experience, while the experience was provided complimentary, all the reviews are my own.




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Motion sickness aside, let’s Escape the Seven Seas

IMG_20180502_211453A group of us from @lovepopupslondon went to @escapelond to try out their rooms at their Shadwell location.

Escape London has two locations, one in Shepherds Bush and the other in Shadwell, each has different types of rooms so please do try both location. Within the Shadwell location they have three rooms, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Escape the Seven Seas and Taken.

Our first room was Escape the Seven Seas, and if you guess that the room might have something to do being lost at sea, then you are correct!

Now as per usual, I won’t be able to provide too much information on the escape room itself as theres no fun in it if everyone on the internet gives it all away right?

However what I can tell you, is be prepared to be transported on on board when you enter this room, my first advice is stay calm!

There was six of us in the room; Bianca,  Livi, Gemma, Laura, Jo as all experienced players, there was a time when I felt it was a little crowded in the room, however the riddles and clues are very well designed and challenged us. The props they have within the rooms really provide the immersive experience.

The only suggestion I would make is that the lights in the room is a tad dim and makes it really hard to see the numbers on the padlocks when you are trying to put in the combination. I totally understand that its there to create that ambience on board, however maybe a lamp which you can change the brightness might be more useful.

We had aim to get ourselves on the leaderboard, and for this one we was out by just 1 minute and escaped at 46minutes.. next time we will make it!IMG_20180502_211643

We all really enjoyed the clues and the props within, it really does make the experience more real. Our gamester Kris was really good, and she would only give you clues where you ask for it, she also gives a great little prep talk.

If you are looking for a nautical theme room, then this is the one for you!

I rate this room a 4* out of my 5 as I feel there’s plenty to do and the decoration and props really gives off the immersive experience.

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London and Escape London for the experience, while the experience was provided complimentary, all the reviews are my own.




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A 1940 Escape Plan? I’m on it!

IMG_20180430_1So you may by now experienced one or two at least escape rooms as these within the last few years has been popping all over the town. So how does one stand out from another? This is the question I keep asking myself and I guess I will only find out by testing as many of them as I can. Gladly of course.

Myself and a couple of friends Bianca and Jamie (a few pulled out last minute) tried out Escape Plan’s room. The room is based in the barracks of a P.O.W camp and you and your comrades (lets get into character here) have 60 minutes to escape! The story starts when you enter the room and you find out that only one person has ever escape, Bob Hails and to help you, he has written a journal which you find.

Once inside the room, you are faced with riddles, locks and puzzles which you have to solve. The one thing I like about this room is that each clue is linked to a particular lock, so this means that there can be lots of people to solve different parts of the clues within the room. As a three person group we felt there was more than enough things to keep us challenged. The game master is always watching as he tells you before you enter and will always help you out if he feels that you are struggling.

I also love that every prop they have inside the room are real artefacts from the 1940 so please handle with care… apparently someone has dropped a real grenade once and I don’t know why anyone would think of dropping that!

The one thing which I think is very important to mention is that this room is very accessible to those with mobility issues, theres a lift to the room as well as enough space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre so definitely a plus in my books.

I think as a group of three we was all challenged to partake in every part of the game and we escaped with just over 14 minutes to spare, I think the different level of experienced we had really helped and working together is very important. I think no more that 4 people would be a reasonable number to play this room without over filing with players.received_10156453638112664

I visited this room with LovePopUp London and while the experience was kindly gifted to us by Escape Plan all my reviews are my own and I would definitely rate this room a 4* out of 5.

I really enjoyed the different clues and also the final puzzle was definitely one to experience!received_10156453637442664

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Dare you enter the Cabin – an Escape London adventure

IMG_20180329_1One of the newest rooms from Escape London . The Cabin is there to challenge your investigation skills as we as your observational skills. We played this at their Shepherds Bush location and they also have other locations in Shadwell

A game requires a lot of team work as there are lots of puzzles for everyone one to get involved in. The game is not linear so you and your team can split up into little groups and all get involved.

There are definitely a lot of puzzles to be solved and everyone will be sure to be kept busy finding all your missing items in order to escape before the killer Hunter returns.

Can you make it out in 60 minutes with all the items you’ll need to find your way back home?

The room itself was only two days old and as a group of 7 experienced players we managed to solve all the puzzles and escape in just 28 minutes.. Definitely a record for me and the group. For those who are less experienced then look carefully or else you might miss the missing components.

A great game however one recommendation I would suggest would be to make the game more challenging is to not have the clues too coordinated.. As once you found the number the order was easily figure out.. However again as experienced players it might be easy for us to spot. Also maybe to keep the number of players to 4-5 as I felt that would make the game more harder to break.

I really enjoyed this game and would like to thank Love Pop Up London and Escape London for the  invite to test out their new room. received_10156218182711064

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Travel back in time with professor Inkwell 

📷 @jenjenbxl

Looking for an escape room with more of a story and a murder mystery feel? Enjoyed playing cludeo? Well this one aims to satisfy both needs.

Based in an outside venue, this challenge you to observe and digest the vast amount of information placed in front of you to firstly find the missing pieces to help you fix the time machine that could take you and your fellow investigators back to the future. A failure to do so and your story could end up very differently from the story you started with.

This game is based on the number of players a maximum of 8 and each of you will be given a character to play.. Dress up if you are that inclined to really get into character.. Always a bit of role playing to get everyone in the mood.

Without giving too much of the game away, you have 60 minutes to find all the pieces and to get the time machine up and running again.. While a secondary challenge is to find out which one of you is the murderer and what do you have to hide? Each one of you could be it and how are you going to find our?

A really interactive game, though I would say the vast amount of reading you have to do for this is a little overwhelming and you may end up with only half of the team even knowing what was going on in the story. I suggest less paperwork to digest so that everyone can all participate in the murder hunt!

Overall, a really enjoyable game and great for the warmer weather where you can enjoy the great outdoors with a bit of interactive problems solving.

Thanks to Inkwell Investigation  and Love Pop Up London for the invite to the game.

📷 @lovepopupslondon
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No Escape London, are you afraid of the Dentist?

received_10156217634282664A dental theme escape room located in heart of Oxford Street London. Is where you will find No Escape London

The creators have based this room on what most people fear, yes, a visit to the dentist, and with a killer dentist at large are you ready to get acquainted?

Like most escape room the first you need to do is find the escape room. This one is a tad tricky as it is based within the Londis shop and without clear signage, hence can get a tad confusing.  Also if you have a fear of tight and bear vertical staircase, then this is my preferred warning to you.

There also isn’t a waiting area as such  so please don’t get there too early as you may find yourself waiting near the downstairs tattoo parlour.

We had 5 in our group and the game itself is not linear which means that everyone will have something to do and get their teeth stuck in (get it? Bad pun I know!) A group of 6 can play for £110, and there’s definitely enough props inside to enlighten those defective senses.

For those starry eyed may notice the props have a certain familiarity with a certain zombie inspired show?

Our group escaped with 9 minutes to spare, a little pre-warning is that the game master has a special way to deliver the clues.. Don’t jump!

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for the invite to indulge my love for escape room.