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Cluequest- cQ ORIGENES- challenge accepted. [Gifted]

It’s been a while since I last visited Cluequest to find out what is new with Mr Q and Professor Black sheep, following the last game of Revenge of the Sheep, I was intrigued by what the people at Cluequest have planned for us, and I was surely not disappointed.

I and a few agents from @LovePopUpsLondon went down to see if we have what it takes to take on whatever nasty plan Professor Black Sheep has waiting for us for this new game cQ ORIGENES.

As we arrived we was briefed by Mr Q special agents, Professor Black Sheep is back and he has released a new virus in to the computer systems which could wipe out all of our existence, omg I hear you say..

The story goes back to the beginning when Mr Q and Professor Black Sheep were both human, what turned them into the animals they represent today?

Our mission if we choose to accept was to return to the lab where the SD card containing the virus lies and destroy it before it destroys all of our livelihood today!

However before we can start, as humans how do we get into the lab designed to fit a sheep and a mouse? Enter the Shrink-O-Mat.

This game was both challenging and rewarding at the same time, as usual you have 60 minutes to find solve all the puzzles and get out before the time is up!

As per all my escape room reviews, I won’t spoil the fun for you, but I can assure you that you will enjoy yourselves and the props for the game has been carefully planned out and with a group for 6 the games was not linear based but all very logical so everyone could be participating in different puzzles.

Unfortunately for us we weren’t able to make it out before the 60 minutes was up and needed an additional 1:44 seconds to complete our mission. However, I’ve been told current success rate is only 15% so I guess the extra minutes we had wasn’t too bad..

Definitely for me 4* in my rating for escape room, great puzzles, great props and plenty to keep the team entertained.

Thanks again to the team at Cluequest for a great evening out!

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đź“· credit @lovepopupslondon

Hidden within the Artworks in Elephant & Castle is the abandoned Russian vessel Phobos-17 from the people Mostly Harmless Games.

The target tonight was to find the hidden uranium and to get back to safety. Now can me and crew from the team at @lovepopupslondon solve the clues and successfully escape?

As a group of four I felt that was just around the right amount of people for the room any bigger and it could get a tad crowded.

The introduction was done just outside of the room..a little bit of a squeeze but you aren’t there for too long.

There was no instructions on the type of locks we would encounter like some games, maybe cause we told him between us we had a good amount of experience? Bad idea I think?

I really enjoyed being in charge of Ted…our manual timer. We was told that the exposure to uranium on board could disintegrate us in 60 minutes so we have to get out before time is up.

I have always preferred escape room where it is not a linear game, this means everyone in your group can participate in solving clues at the same time.. There are logical puzzels, manual games to solve and cryptic clues to solve.

We had to ask for a few clues, however..the room really challenges and demands team work.

I have been advised that the current venue is temporary, however the decor and props are totally different from ones I have seen before and bonus points for that!

Hopefully once they have a permanent venue, the way they deliver the clues maybe more clearer, as we did feel we couldn’t hear the game master and he did have to come into the room to give us the clue.

Luckily we managed to escape in 56:38 minutes.. definitely not their fastest..(heard it was just over 30mins) from someone who has done over 4000 games..well was never gonna beat that were we?

Totally give this a 4 star from the games we had to solve.

*This is a sponsored post but all reviews are my own.

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CopyCat from CoLab Factory- Splutter Theatre

Are you ready to put your investigatory hat on? Did you know the there is a copycat killer on the loose?

The CoLab Theatre from Splutter Theatre have a case for you…

You will meet Anthony Larson, he has been investigating a string of killings following the kidnap and murder of his sister. The killer at large is known as the CopyCat Killer as the method he has used are similar to ones before him.

Anthony has decided to take this case on his own hands and he has enlisted the help of you to help him solve and find out who this serial killer is?

This is an uniquely terrifying immersive experience, one not for the faint hearted as there are images of torture and sick games being played out before you. The experience puts you in the middle of your worst horror movie as you solve the riddles and find the killer.

This experience is part horror show and part escape room, which for those who’s stomach turns easily, may I suggest you give this a miss? Not scaring you but be warned!

As usual, I can’t give away too much of the escape room elements as this is for you and your team to find out.

I experienced this with a bunch of experienced escape room players from Love Pop Ups London and horror enthusiast and we all well spooked from this experience.

The build up to the room was extremely well done, you really felt like you was part of it the whole journey.

Each of the rooms we went into was done in a way that I would never like to be stuck in, on my own.

Here are some quotes from their website:

“Fundamental fear at it’s finest”- Design My Night for previous show “The Harrowing”

“[Splutter Theathre] certainly promised scares…and they weren’t wrong!” ScaretourUK for previous shows “The Harrowing”

Artistic Director Benedict Hudson wanted to create a completely contemporary horror that places the audience inside their favourite film, he draws inspiration from movies such as; Saw; Se7en and Hounds of Love.. The experience is to ensure that everyone that comes along, gets to play a leading role in the own true crime tale.

The only suggestion I would make to the whole experience would be that the experience ended very abruptly with no one telling us how we did and how long it took for us to get out? I mean as an experienced player this is an important factor for most of us (a little sense of achievement of escaping and knowing we did it in the time allocated or less).

All in all, I think this was a amazingly well presented immersive experience and I would totally recommend it to those who a little bit of immersive role play in their escape room experience.

p.s totally not one for a first date if anyone is thinking this!

A good 4* stars review from me.. if you do go please let me know!

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The dreamwork work challenge, The DA Vinci rooms

received_1519738684838520As part of my visit to the London Escaped rooms, in East London. I was also invited to try out their new DA Vinci Room. This a wholly team work based challenge.

This escape room is split into two rooms and each room holds their own task. The room includes task where you will need to think quickly in your feet and some will require working in your little teams and some require you to work with those in the other room.


As potential students of the teacher Leonardo DaVinci, he has set out many challenges to test his potential students. So do you think you have the skills to tackle the task he has set aside for you?

I really enjoyed the task within these rooms, it really makes you think about what your next steps could be. As well as ensuring both teams work together to ensure your freedom. received_2210944435858952

The only comments I would make is that even though the room could fit around 12 people however I think its best with no more than six as whole the rooms are large in size, the task within does not sufficiently ensure everyone is busy at all times.

I would give this room a 4* as I really enjoyed the concept and think as one newcomer, London Escaped has really put itself on the map!

Thanks again to Love Pop Ups London for inviting me along to experience these new rooms to keep my love for escape room alive.

NB* all photos are provided by London Escaped.


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The Prisoner-a London Escaped presentation..

received_294074697990598OK, if you thought that was a movie blog coming up, you have been mislead my friend.. It is actually an escape room experience from London Escaped.

London Escaped have recently opened two rooms and myself and a few bloggers from the Love Pop Ups London community were invited to come and escape The Prisoner.

đź“· From London Escaped

As usual, I don’t want to give too much of the atmospheric build up away, however, I can let you know that this escape room is located in the east London venue, just off the Commercial Road. It’s located in an underground parking allotment. Upon entry you’ll find the slopy entrance, be careful its very steep so mind your step!

So what does London Escaped say about their new room?

The Prisoner known as The Bloody Elbow. It is the time of the Holy Medieval Inquisition around the 14th century. You have all been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned awaiting your death by the hands of a executioner nicknamed “Bloody Elbow”. He is infamous for his love of using horrifying torture to obtain confession of your crimes, this often lead to a slow and agonising death if you were lucky, “Bloody Elbow” has left you for a rest between the bouts of torture, this is your chance, you have 60 minutes to escape your hideous dungeon and change your fate forever” 

The room can take up to eight players, however I would recommend a maximum of five as I felt that would give the players more to do when there are less people.I didn’t feel that there was much problem solving involved. More finding keys and the right object to aid your escape.

📷 From London Escaped 

The first part of the game does require some team work and the game does mention sharp objects were involved. I totally vouch for it, I would however recommend no drinking beforehand as we don’t want any injuries OK!

So you have been accused of witchcraft and the aim of the game is to escape before the executioner returns to torture you to death.. With that in mind I would be the first to try and get out.. 

As the game is recently opened there are still some finishing touches that the owners are looking to finalise and while speaking to them you can really picture their vision and I would be interested on returning to see what changes they have made to the room.

As I am writing this review you will be happy to know that my team and I managed to escape in 48 mins I do admit the first 5 mins was just a lot of screaming.. I will let you figure that part out for yourself.

I would say that this is one very immersive room, so and I really enjoy the props the thoughts the owners have put into the design of the room. IMG_20180822_212045_131

This is a 3* from me for the difficulty of the room but definitely a 4* for the immerse design.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsor post, but reviews are all my own.




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Saint Angelo’s Castle -Komnata is waiting..

đź“· taken from Komnata instagram page

As an Escape Room fan, I am always up to trying out different rooms which can challenge the mind and senses.

I was invited to attend Komnata Quest to try out one of their new room Saint Angelo’s Castle .

Komnata is located on the side road of Dury Lane in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, but here, you will be surprised where each corner takes you.

I must admit, I had not heard much about this room before agreeing to venture into it with a few of my escape room fans from Love Pop Ups London crew.

Also, I hasten to add, we had just come from another event so I would say we were at the time of arrival a little worse for wear. Apparently that could add to the thrill of it said our games master. Well lets see?

Upon arrival at the venue, you are asked to sign in to confirm (firstly, you are over 18 and that you understand their instructions etc…) next you are given a long cloak to wear… I must say the day we visited was probably the hotest day of the year and this extra layer was not helping me. When we were all cloaked up, our gamesmaster asked for one of our bravest escapee to volunteer to the front of the group…OMG.. what is happening.. is ringing through my mind..FB_IMG_1532596107527

We lined up one after the other and was requested to keep our eyes closed and hoods over our eyes as we were led through the rooms to our start. When we reached our destination, we were still not allowed to open our eyes but kept them closed as we were each led into our starting position. The slamming of the gates five times definitely made me jump but this is all in the thrill of the experience.

Mindful that the room is horror related, so those who arent ready to stomach it, it is best avoided!

The decor and the challenges was very well designed and I would totally recommend this to any horror lovers as this room really ticks all those boxes you expect and more. There are no jumpy objects so dont worry!

We spent a lot of time in the first room and one tip I would re-iterate is do not use excessive force! As some do in the panic mindset (apologies but we did use a little too much.. but no props or persons were injured during this. Promise!)

We escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare. This was an amazing room and we all agreed that it both challenge and was visually pleasing. If you love a little horror and escape room, this is the best I have seen so far 5 ***** from me for sure!

Thanks again for the invite Komnata Quest and Love Pop Ups London, please note while this was a gifted experience, all reviews are my own and I loved it!FB_IMG_1532596115865

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The Lost Passenger- will you be next?

IMG_20180717_184348I was invited back to Mission Breakout   second room after my visit over a year ago to trial their latest room of The Lost Passenger.

The story of the room is loosely based on a true story of a passenger who got off the train at South Kentish Town station back in 1924. Just after 1924 when this station closed, a train suddenly stopped at South Kentish Town  by mistake and a male passenger by the name of Mr Bracket got off and then the train departed, it is not known whether Mr Bracket escaped or has he been stucked there since 1924?

The room and game design did not disappoint, we was told that the design were from designers orginating from Russia, and every part of this new room really challenges the mind and phsyical abilities (Dont worry, there isn’t any heavy lifting involved).

As for most of my escape room reviews, I wont be able to give too much of the game away, however, be prepared to be ducking and crawling to your next destination so put away your glad rags and be prepared to get mucked in.

Team work is key and communication with your group is a must, there are lots of clues you will need to work together in order to solve the riddle and move on. The game is very linea and you must solve one clue before moving on to the next.

Our group escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare, and logical thinking and team work made sure we escape in the nick of time.

Due to the location of the rooms especially the last one,  and the summer heatwave London was having at the moment, it did get quite warm in the room, also as there was 6 of us in the rooms it got very uncomfortable at times. But hey let’s not complain too much about the weather here!

I would however recommend that due to some of the games where only one or two players can work on them at a time, the room should really hold a maxium of 4 players to give each players an opportunity to solve some of the puzzles/ clues.

Regardless, I really enjoy the game and totally recommend friends to come and challenge their wit and escape.

A good 4**** for me on this one!

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London for inviting me and some of the other Love Pop London crew to play. Please note while this experience is sponsored, all reviews are my own.