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The Prisoner-a London Escaped presentation..

received_294074697990598OK, if you thought that was a movie blog coming up, you have been mislead my friend.. It is actually an escape room experience from London Escaped.

London Escaped have recently opened two rooms and myself and a few bloggers from the Love Pop Ups London community were invited to come and escape The Prisoner.

📷 From London Escaped

As usual, I don’t want to give too much of the atmospheric build up away, however, I can let you know that this escape room is located in the east London venue, just off the Commercial Road. It’s located in an underground parking allotment. Upon entry you’ll find the slopy entrance, be careful its very steep so mind your step!

So what does London Escaped say about their new room?

The Prisoner known as The Bloody Elbow. It is the time of the Holy Medieval Inquisition around the 14th century. You have all been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned awaiting your death by the hands of a executioner nicknamed “Bloody Elbow”. He is infamous for his love of using horrifying torture to obtain confession of your crimes, this often lead to a slow and agonising death if you were lucky, “Bloody Elbow” has left you for a rest between the bouts of torture, this is your chance, you have 60 minutes to escape your hideous dungeon and change your fate forever” 

The room can take up to eight players, however I would recommend a maximum of five as I felt that would give the players more to do when there are less people.I didn’t feel that there was much problem solving involved. More finding keys and the right object to aid your escape.

📷 From London Escaped 

The first part of the game does require some team work and the game does mention sharp objects were involved. I totally vouch for it, I would however recommend no drinking beforehand as we don’t want any injuries OK!

So you have been accused of witchcraft and the aim of the game is to escape before the executioner returns to torture you to death.. With that in mind I would be the first to try and get out.. 

As the game is recently opened there are still some finishing touches that the owners are looking to finalise and while speaking to them you can really picture their vision and I would be interested on returning to see what changes they have made to the room.

As I am writing this review you will be happy to know that my team and I managed to escape in 48 mins I do admit the first 5 mins was just a lot of screaming.. I will let you figure that part out for yourself.

I would say that this is one very immersive room, so and I really enjoy the props the thoughts the owners have put into the design of the room. IMG_20180822_212045_131

This is a 3* from me for the difficulty of the room but definitely a 4* for the immerse design.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsor post, but reviews are all my own.





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