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Saint Angelo’s Castle -Komnata is waiting..

📷 taken from Komnata instagram page

As an Escape Room fan, I am always up to trying out different rooms which can challenge the mind and senses.

I was invited to attend Komnata Quest to try out one of their new room Saint Angelo’s Castle .

Komnata is located on the side road of Dury Lane in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, but here, you will be surprised where each corner takes you.

I must admit, I had not heard much about this room before agreeing to venture into it with a few of my escape room fans from Love Pop Ups London crew.

Also, I hasten to add, we had just come from another event so I would say we were at the time of arrival a little worse for wear. Apparently that could add to the thrill of it said our games master. Well lets see?

Upon arrival at the venue, you are asked to sign in to confirm (firstly, you are over 18 and that you understand their instructions etc…) next you are given a long cloak to wear… I must say the day we visited was probably the hotest day of the year and this extra layer was not helping me. When we were all cloaked up, our gamesmaster asked for one of our bravest escapee to volunteer to the front of the group…OMG.. what is happening.. is ringing through my mind..FB_IMG_1532596107527

We lined up one after the other and was requested to keep our eyes closed and hoods over our eyes as we were led through the rooms to our start. When we reached our destination, we were still not allowed to open our eyes but kept them closed as we were each led into our starting position. The slamming of the gates five times definitely made me jump but this is all in the thrill of the experience.

Mindful that the room is horror related, so those who arent ready to stomach it, it is best avoided!

The decor and the challenges was very well designed and I would totally recommend this to any horror lovers as this room really ticks all those boxes you expect and more. There are no jumpy objects so dont worry!

We spent a lot of time in the first room and one tip I would re-iterate is do not use excessive force! As some do in the panic mindset (apologies but we did use a little too much.. but no props or persons were injured during this. Promise!)

We escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare. This was an amazing room and we all agreed that it both challenge and was visually pleasing. If you love a little horror and escape room, this is the best I have seen so far 5 ***** from me for sure!

Thanks again for the invite Komnata Quest and Love Pop Ups London, please note while this was a gifted experience, all reviews are my own and I loved it!FB_IMG_1532596115865


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