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Time travel back to Dinosaurs in the Wild

IMG_20180616_101035As the Jurassic franchise capture the mind and heart of all young and old, an opportunity to experience Dinosaurs in the Wild was never one that I want to miss.

As one of the most talked about pop up in South London- based within an unused car park just outside the 02 stadium you will find those giant creatures you once heard about in history classes and also seen only on film.

On speaking to the creators of this venue, you will understand that each and every part of the venue is built to create the experience required to take their visitors back in time.

IMG_20180616_115615So, the question is dare you step back in time? 67 million years to be exact, to experience those beautiful creatures roaming in the Wild?

IMG_20180616_102212When you arrive, you will be met with those who run the operations of Chrontex and their guide will time travel with you on their pioneering time machine to  transport you back to the Late Cretaceous Period to see living dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Alamosaurus and Triceratops with your own eyes.

IMG_20180616_102531As part of your adventure, you will take on a tour of Chronotex scientific research station, TimeBase 67, built 67 million years back in time.

IMG_20180616_103946On your journey, you will experience these once giants in an more intimate why than you would of ever expected. You will be able to see what Chronotex scientist have discovered and see the amazing findings as you walk through their laboratories.

IMG_20180616_104838Each part of the research station will provide you with a much better understanding as to why these creatures 67 million years ago still fascinate us.

IMG_20180616_110448For those who love the immersive experience rest assured this is everything and more of what you would expect.

As part of experience we was introduced to Cameron Webb who is the Associate Director, behind this fascinating new pop up. You can definitely feel his passion for this new experience while talking to him and understand that this experience, suitable for those ages 3-60 and how each and everyone can come out of there with a totally different experience.IMG_20180616_112549

Also, due to the fact that many schools use this experience to show their students about how these dinosaurs run the wild those many years, everything they portray must reflect the history that historians have discovered.

Each and everyone involved has been trained to create the best experience for each visitor, and to imagine that within the hour they could be welcoming 12 different visitors as they travel back in time.  Ensuring that each one of us experience the same as those before, is a commitment that Dinosaurs in the Wild is committed to, and I can safely say, I enjoyed my experience with them very much.IMG_20180616_102426.jpg

Without giving too much away.. My favorite part was definitely the eggs incubation unit. Just you wait and see. IMG_20180616_105419

A truly immersive and interactive session which I can wait to bring my nephews back to experience this with them.

Dinosaurs in the wild will be at their Greenwich venue up until 2nd September, so plenty if time to take the whole family. Cheesy as they say, but don’t wait.. Go today!

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for inviting me to this out of this world experience.





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