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Motion sickness aside, let’s Escape the Seven Seas

IMG_20180502_211453A group of us from @lovepopupslondon went to @escapelond to try out their rooms at their Shadwell location.

Escape London has two locations, one in Shepherds Bush and the other in Shadwell, each has different types of rooms so please do try both location. Within the Shadwell location they have three rooms, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Escape the Seven Seas and Taken.

Our first room was Escape the Seven Seas, and if you guess that the room might have something to do being lost at sea, then you are correct!

Now as per usual, I won’t be able to provide too much information on the escape room itself as theres no fun in it if everyone on the internet gives it all away right?

However what I can tell you, is be prepared to be transported on on board when you enter this room, my first advice is stay calm!

There was six of us in the room; Bianca,  Livi, Gemma, Laura, Jo as all experienced players, there was a time when I felt it was a little crowded in the room, however the riddles and clues are very well designed and challenged us. The props they have within the rooms really provide the immersive experience.

The only suggestion I would make is that the lights in the room is a tad dim and makes it really hard to see the numbers on the padlocks when you are trying to put in the combination. I totally understand that its there to create that ambience on board, however maybe a lamp which you can change the brightness might be more useful.

We had aim to get ourselves on the leaderboard, and for this one we was out by just 1 minute and escaped at 46minutes.. next time we will make it!IMG_20180502_211643

We all really enjoyed the clues and the props within, it really does make the experience more real. Our gamester Kris was really good, and she would only give you clues where you ask for it, she also gives a great little prep talk.

If you are looking for a nautical theme room, then this is the one for you!

I rate this room a 4* out of my 5 as I feel there’s plenty to do and the decoration and props really gives off the immersive experience.

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London and Escape London for the experience, while the experience was provided complimentary, all the reviews are my own.





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