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Travel back in time with professor Inkwell 

📷 @jenjenbxl

Looking for an escape room with more of a story and a murder mystery feel? Enjoyed playing cludeo? Well this one aims to satisfy both needs.

Based in an outside venue, this challenge you to observe and digest the vast amount of information placed in front of you to firstly find the missing pieces to help you fix the time machine that could take you and your fellow investigators back to the future. A failure to do so and your story could end up very differently from the story you started with.

This game is based on the number of players a maximum of 8 and each of you will be given a character to play.. Dress up if you are that inclined to really get into character.. Always a bit of role playing to get everyone in the mood.

Without giving too much of the game away, you have 60 minutes to find all the pieces and to get the time machine up and running again.. While a secondary challenge is to find out which one of you is the murderer and what do you have to hide? Each one of you could be it and how are you going to find our?

A really interactive game, though I would say the vast amount of reading you have to do for this is a little overwhelming and you may end up with only half of the team even knowing what was going on in the story. I suggest less paperwork to digest so that everyone can all participate in the murder hunt!

Overall, a really enjoyable game and great for the warmer weather where you can enjoy the great outdoors with a bit of interactive problems solving.

Thanks to Inkwell Investigation  and Love Pop Up London for the invite to the game.

📷 @lovepopupslondon

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