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Trampoline fun at Flip Out London E6


Let me just start and say, I didn’t think that I would have as much fun as I did that night I discovered FlipOut London especially their East Ham venue.


The location is a disused bingo hall so it’s huge! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the front of house staff who make sure once you have signed your disclaimer, you are handed with an luminous green socks and your coloured wrist bands (depending on the number of hours you’ve booked).


Before you are let loose on the trampolines you need to watch a quick 4 minutes video of the do’s and don’t’s to keep you and the everyone else safe to enjoy their day.


Let me tell you that if you thought it was just a trampoline park, you are so wrong.. I mean so wrong..


This is like an adventure playground for young and old.. At the introductory video you’ll be guided through the map of the venue and there’s a lot to see and do.. Let me name a few for you.. Laser quest, ninjas warrior, foam pit, duel pit (I’m very proud that I managed to stay on against my opponent for at 3 minutes!) a 30ft vertical drop slide that scared the daylights out me due to the initial push you have to do to slide down.. Someone help me!! .. (p.s I chicken out).

A climbing arena and a 100 metres cave and potholing experience.  I must advise is that it’s an enclosure with lots of twist and turns and there are times you have to go head first.. So for those who aren’t as brave.. Maybe leave that to the more adventurous? I hear bruises are part of the experience? One thing is make sure you bring along your trainers as shoes and sandals are a no no if you want to participate in the climbing activities.


There are lots of viewings platforms and areas for those who just want to do the cheering. If you get hungry  they have three dining areas.


They specialise in holding kids and adult jump parties which can include food and a host to make sure your experience is unforgettable.. In the best way ever!

Our host on our visit was Charnelle and she was amazing. The food was good, like a diner, pizza, nanchos, salads and iced slushes..


For £12.00 you can use the trampolines and everything else available.. For £20 that gives you two hours of fun.. I think to try everything, you’re gonna need at least half a day to enjoy the venue.. But why limit yourself?? Split it up, do what you can and come back for more!


Thank you to Love Pop Up London and FlipOut London E6 for an amazing experience.. I will definitely be back with friends and family..


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