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Rooftop film club- Roof East


As summer rolls in the only thing you want to be doing is spending as much time as you can possibly managed outdoors.. So an offer of watching an iconic film in the great outdoors is one hard offer to refuse. Enter the Roof East at the Stratford Centre. A roof top pop up running on similar themes to those such as pergola in Shepherds Bush and Paddington.


However, there’s one difference, they do not have the Roof top Film club screening their movies. Complete with deck chairs and a blanket to keep you warm on those breezy summer nights (trust me, you need it).


As this is an open venue and the roof is filled with drinkers, punters and pizzas/ burger eating crowd, you’ll will be glad of the headphones they provide to provide the soundtrack of the movie.


The screening was for 28 days later, a movie I’ve seen many moons ago, still bring slight goosebumps to me. I love the venue this is hosted, however, on warm nights there is a queue to get onto the roof too so make sure you have your booking details at the ready.. Or else you may miss the start of your movie.

I will say those deck chairs looks great but after an hour and half I was feeling a strain on my back.. I might try out the couple chairs as they do look a tad more comfy?


Just a note, it’s more atmospheric if they start the movie after sunset so the movie may start a little later than planned so be aware of that.

Armed with a blanket and popcorn, and a drink (the booth only sells wine, however with a bar on the rooftop, there’s no short supply of beverage to suit the fussiest of punters!) I was ready to sit back and relax and enjoy my film. A great date night option I totally recommend it to groups of friends as well.

I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy the great outdoors?

Thanks to Jo from Love Pop ups London and Rooftop Film club for a great night out!


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