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Aftermath- London, can you solve it?

Photo creditsAftermath, the name suggest something has occurred and you need to solve it, so are you ready for it? This isn’t the usual escape room that I have experienced, there was no room that you had to literally escape, but the clues and objects needing solving is not to be dismissed.

The game can accommodate at around 15-20 people, which I felt was a little  too much. We had 12 in our group and there were times I felt unsure what to do with myself and trying to get involved in the problem solving but didn’t know where to start, and way the room was set was too spread out I felt. This game relied heavily on communication skills so, if that is lacking in the team then it does get a little confusing.


The game with giving away too much is very heavy on detail and information so you really need to be able to think outside of the box and pay attention to things that you would of otherwise dismissed.

My favourite part of the interactive part with one of the character.. again can’t tell you as it would be giving it away.

If you are looking for something for like a corporate event for team building, this is definitely one I would recommend, as there is a lot of things that people can get their hands on.

There is a games master involved, I really wished we was told specifically about some of the questions you will be asked at the end so that we could of taken better notes.

All in all a great immersive experience and one that still gets me thinking about it. Oh I forgot to mention that we escaped with 7 minutes on the clock to spare..

Thanks to Aftermath and Love Pop Up London for the experience.



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