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Truth or Bullshit?

IMG_20180726_191337OK, I must admit the name of this company Bullshit London got me interested and I quickly signed up for one of their totally inaccurate and inappropriate walking tours.

The tour I opted for was the short city tour along the South Bank.

IMG_20180726_203135It was a bright sunny early evening and we started outside on the steps St Pauls cathedral and our guide dressed in a sparkling red jacket was ready and waiting to start his display of unusual and unbelievable facts or what we call fiction?

The tour itself lasted about 60 minutes, and we passed alot of different sights and buildings. What I would say is that all the facts of the buildings are true. However the stories behind them, is left to the imagination. I mean believe what you may, but maybe the fact the College of Arms was form to study the dismembered arm parts floating down the Thames? I think not!

IMG_20180726_200554Even though these so called facts are total Bullshit, I really enjoyed the tour, I think the guide himself was amazing.  He had a great belief in what he had to say and even though we were part of a big group, there was no issues of not being able to hear as he projection was loud and clear!

The group itself may have now finished for the summer, but I am sure they will be back soon, do look out for them.

Disclaimer *please note this was a sponsored experience courtesy of Lovepopupslondon however all reviews are my own and at £8.00 for the tour, it was totally worth it and I would be happy to pay this out of my own pocket! IMG_20180726_1.jpg


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Saint Angelo’s Castle -Komnata is waiting..

📷 taken from Komnata instagram page

As an Escape Room fan, I am always up to trying out different rooms which can challenge the mind and senses.

I was invited to attend Komnata Quest to try out one of their new room Saint Angelo’s Castle .

Komnata is located on the side road of Dury Lane in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, but here, you will be surprised where each corner takes you.

I must admit, I had not heard much about this room before agreeing to venture into it with a few of my escape room fans from Love Pop Ups London crew.

Also, I hasten to add, we had just come from another event so I would say we were at the time of arrival a little worse for wear. Apparently that could add to the thrill of it said our games master. Well lets see?

Upon arrival at the venue, you are asked to sign in to confirm (firstly, you are over 18 and that you understand their instructions etc…) next you are given a long cloak to wear… I must say the day we visited was probably the hotest day of the year and this extra layer was not helping me. When we were all cloaked up, our gamesmaster asked for one of our bravest escapee to volunteer to the front of the group…OMG.. what is happening.. is ringing through my mind..FB_IMG_1532596107527

We lined up one after the other and was requested to keep our eyes closed and hoods over our eyes as we were led through the rooms to our start. When we reached our destination, we were still not allowed to open our eyes but kept them closed as we were each led into our starting position. The slamming of the gates five times definitely made me jump but this is all in the thrill of the experience.

Mindful that the room is horror related, so those who arent ready to stomach it, it is best avoided!

The decor and the challenges was very well designed and I would totally recommend this to any horror lovers as this room really ticks all those boxes you expect and more. There are no jumpy objects so dont worry!

We spent a lot of time in the first room and one tip I would re-iterate is do not use excessive force! As some do in the panic mindset (apologies but we did use a little too much.. but no props or persons were injured during this. Promise!)

We escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare. This was an amazing room and we all agreed that it both challenge and was visually pleasing. If you love a little horror and escape room, this is the best I have seen so far 5 ***** from me for sure!

Thanks again for the invite Komnata Quest and Love Pop Ups London, please note while this was a gifted experience, all reviews are my own and I loved it!FB_IMG_1532596115865

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Celebrate Fantasia- with Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults

IMG_20180705_200824Can you believe Micky Mouse is 90 years old this year and to celebrate this magical event, SoundsandSorcery have produced an immersive sound and visual journey within the deep underground London’s The Vault venue.

The journey takes each visitor through the music of Disney Fantasia while offering them a chance to explore and enjoy both live theatrical performances and light and computer generated displays.

The producers of this event is looking to entice both the visual and musical senses, as each visitor upon entering will be given their own headset which they can control their own Fantasia journey.

I have always enjoyed the immersive experience previously put on by The Vaults and I was very much looking forward to the evening ahead of me.IMG_20180727_185012

I must say that upon entrance, there was a little confusion with regards to where you register and where you went to pick up your headset, however, headset ready, the anticipation of what was behind those big white doors definitely builds the excitements.

The venue itself is free roaming on your iPod sound device there is a map of the rooms available so you can ensure you get to enjoy each of the rooms available. IMG_20180727_185021Each visitor can spend as little or as long as they wanted in each of the three rooms, visual lighting with the changing moods and the music on the headphones is what the producer uses to communicate with us.

The first room which we entered ‘The rite of spring’ was like a magical forest, with hills of mushrooms and flowers that glow in the dark guide us deeper into the forest, the floors were filled with bark, which gave off the smell of the forest.IMG_20180705_202520

Next we waited for the next live showing of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice room, I think this has to be my favourite room. The live actors and the story telling really draws the audience in and the music playing on your headphones really bring the visual in front of you to light.  I have heard from other visitors that you may get wet.. And the benches in the front does prove it hence no one dare to be in front.IMG_20180727_192022

Next we visited what was the volcanic room, the room was designed as if you was walking along erupted volcanoes, and by using clever lighting, it really looked liked it was erupting!IMG_20180705_211434

After a drink at the bar, (do give the cocktails a go),  we loved the colour changing gin cocktails. We were definitely wowed.

We then moved to the theatre part of the show, ‘The Dance of the Hours’   the show again paired with the lighting and music playing through your headphones are combined to the dances from the actors in front of you. we was told that the live performance was available every 15 minutes, and there are signage to tell you when the last show would be so you don’t miss any part of the experience. IMG_20180727_194539

After this we moved along to the final room, staff are around to make sure you have seen everything before you enter this room as there are no returns once you have entered. IMG_20180727_195518

Once this concluded, the screen lifted to lead us into a tree filled woodland. A great conclusion to the experience I have just encountered. The trees and barks on the floor really makes you feel you are actually there.

If you live immersive experience paired with music then please make this a stop for your visual and hearing senses.

I was invited to attend this event by Love Pop Up London and SoundsandSorcery however all the reviews are my own.received_10156499497494104

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Circus -Pan Asian food and entertainment venue

IMG_20180725_180510I was recently invited to pop along to Circus a venue tucked away amongst the hussle and bustle of Covent Garden. Actually I even walked passed it trying to locate it as it doesn’t have a signage above its entrance.. See how exclusive that makes the experience.. Only those in the know eh?

I was here to sample their new Christmas menu (ops sorry to mention that word in July) but great venues get booked up really quickly so you’ll be glad I’ve told you. We was offered a sample of their amazing canapés.. The food here is a pan Asian fusion which I am all for.IMG_20180730_1

I think my favourite of the night was definitely the yellow tail sashimi and the salt and pepper squid.. Yum. IMG_20180725_184240

As you enter the venue, p. s I found it via the menu on the wall outside.. Useful tip! You are risked to your table and a free cloakroom service is available if you are coming after a long day at the office. The main dining area consists in one very long opaque table with little tables scattered around the room. The comfy sofa looking chairs are calling me.IMG_20180725_180514

The kitchen area is open and viable along the side of the dining area. Our table was very close to the bar, which is great! IMG_20180725_180528We also sample some of their amazing wine and even better cocktails (they made a punch with Gingerbread syrup, with grapefruit and vodka) it was devine!IMG_20180725_190001

However the best part of this venue is the in-house entertainment department they have who design and coordinate the half hourly entertainment on show.

IMG_20180725_183955Entertainment is provided every night from 6:30pm until 8:00pm and until late during Friday and the weekend. They have singers and performers to enlighten your evening drinks or dinner plans. When we visited there was a group of ladies celebrating a 60 birthday party so the venue caters for all ages (18+) of course!

IMG_20180725_183925The night we visited we were entertained by fire eating performers, a drag queen singer belting out classics,  an aerial display and an acrobatics show. We were all in awe for sure.

It was definitely a great evening and if this has enticed you to think about it for your next birthday or big party do? Then do check out their website as they have sharing menu for groups. Just a note that for London prices this is average and with the added entertainment element it’s definitely worth a treat out.

I was offered this experience via the lovely Jo from @lovepopupslondon and while a sponsored post all reviews are my own.


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The Lost Passenger- will you be next?

IMG_20180717_184348I was invited back to Mission Breakout   second room after my visit over a year ago to trial their latest room of The Lost Passenger.

The story of the room is loosely based on a true story of a passenger who got off the train at South Kentish Town station back in 1924. Just after 1924 when this station closed, a train suddenly stopped at South Kentish Town  by mistake and a male passenger by the name of Mr Bracket got off and then the train departed, it is not known whether Mr Bracket escaped or has he been stucked there since 1924?

The room and game design did not disappoint, we was told that the design were from designers orginating from Russia, and every part of this new room really challenges the mind and phsyical abilities (Dont worry, there isn’t any heavy lifting involved).

As for most of my escape room reviews, I wont be able to give too much of the game away, however, be prepared to be ducking and crawling to your next destination so put away your glad rags and be prepared to get mucked in.

Team work is key and communication with your group is a must, there are lots of clues you will need to work together in order to solve the riddle and move on. The game is very linea and you must solve one clue before moving on to the next.

Our group escaped with just under 2 minutes to spare, and logical thinking and team work made sure we escape in the nick of time.

Due to the location of the rooms especially the last one,  and the summer heatwave London was having at the moment, it did get quite warm in the room, also as there was 6 of us in the rooms it got very uncomfortable at times. But hey let’s not complain too much about the weather here!

I would however recommend that due to some of the games where only one or two players can work on them at a time, the room should really hold a maxium of 4 players to give each players an opportunity to solve some of the puzzles/ clues.

Regardless, I really enjoy the game and totally recommend friends to come and challenge their wit and escape.

A good 4**** for me on this one!

Thanks again to Love Pop Up London for inviting me and some of the other Love Pop London crew to play. Please note while this experience is sponsored, all reviews are my own.


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Ghost tour- Lantern Ghost Tour

Photo from website

Once in a while, Friday 13th comes around and what better way to spend it than on a Lantern Ghost Tour.

The tour itself met at 7:30pm at the Bunches of Grapes in London Bridge, however, me and my friend managed to miss the meet up, luckily they were only 5 minutes away so we were able to catch up.

IMG_20180713_200217Our Guide took us on a 90 minutes tour around London Bridge and the spooky tales surrounding the area. We stopped off around 10 different places and our guide gave us a little insight of each of the individual places.IMG_20180713_201153

I won’t give too many of the facts and places away as then you won’t enjoy finding out the facts of each and every places. All I can tell you is that paranormal activities have been sighted at all the sights.. Each of them hold a different heart aching story.

IMG_20180713_201400Two of the places which was most memorable to me was Clink prison and story of the usage of rats as a means of torture and Cross Bones Gardens.

IMG_20180713_203855Cross Bones Gardens was one place which drove me to tears. The story behind this place as an unofficial cemetery  of the women on the streets in London. It has been known that there could be more than ten thousand bodies buried here. A final resting place of those who couldn’t afford a religious burial and those with no families. Outside the garden you will find ribbons tied by those who remembered these lost souls. If you are nearby please come and visit, have a read some, also once in a while the garden is open to the public to come and visit, and if you are touched by the stories you hear and wish to volunteer to help keep the gardens a peaceful place then please contact the group at I am sure they would be grateful for any willing volunteers.

IMG_20180713_204238Unfortunately the heavens opened during our tour and I felt our guide felt a little rush to complete the tour as even I was looking for a hiding place to find shelter.

Regardless, this is a fun way to find out more about the story and spooky past of London.

Thank to Love Pop Up London for the experience, while a sponsored post, all reviews are my own.

Thanks for visiting!

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Time travel back to Dinosaurs in the Wild

IMG_20180616_101035As the Jurassic franchise capture the mind and heart of all young and old, an opportunity to experience Dinosaurs in the Wild was never one that I want to miss.

As one of the most talked about pop up in South London- based within an unused car park just outside the 02 stadium you will find those giant creatures you once heard about in history classes and also seen only on film.

On speaking to the creators of this venue, you will understand that each and every part of the venue is built to create the experience required to take their visitors back in time.

IMG_20180616_115615So, the question is dare you step back in time? 67 million years to be exact, to experience those beautiful creatures roaming in the Wild?

IMG_20180616_102212When you arrive, you will be met with those who run the operations of Chrontex and their guide will time travel with you on their pioneering time machine to  transport you back to the Late Cretaceous Period to see living dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Alamosaurus and Triceratops with your own eyes.

IMG_20180616_102531As part of your adventure, you will take on a tour of Chronotex scientific research station, TimeBase 67, built 67 million years back in time.

IMG_20180616_103946On your journey, you will experience these once giants in an more intimate why than you would of ever expected. You will be able to see what Chronotex scientist have discovered and see the amazing findings as you walk through their laboratories.

IMG_20180616_104838Each part of the research station will provide you with a much better understanding as to why these creatures 67 million years ago still fascinate us.

IMG_20180616_110448For those who love the immersive experience rest assured this is everything and more of what you would expect.

As part of experience we was introduced to Cameron Webb who is the Associate Director, behind this fascinating new pop up. You can definitely feel his passion for this new experience while talking to him and understand that this experience, suitable for those ages 3-60 and how each and everyone can come out of there with a totally different experience.IMG_20180616_112549

Also, due to the fact that many schools use this experience to show their students about how these dinosaurs run the wild those many years, everything they portray must reflect the history that historians have discovered.

Each and everyone involved has been trained to create the best experience for each visitor, and to imagine that within the hour they could be welcoming 12 different visitors as they travel back in time.  Ensuring that each one of us experience the same as those before, is a commitment that Dinosaurs in the Wild is committed to, and I can safely say, I enjoyed my experience with them very much.IMG_20180616_102426.jpg

Without giving too much away.. My favorite part was definitely the eggs incubation unit. Just you wait and see. IMG_20180616_105419

A truly immersive and interactive session which I can wait to bring my nephews back to experience this with them.

Dinosaurs in the wild will be at their Greenwich venue up until 2nd September, so plenty if time to take the whole family. Cheesy as they say, but don’t wait.. Go today!

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for inviting me to this out of this world experience.